Why Wear Wet Socks To Bed?

Why wear wet socks to bed? The title might seem a little alarming given our belief on the contrary. We have grown up knowing that wet socks can cause common cold and cough.

That is why during those rainy days in school, we were made to take off our socks and shoes after we got drenched. This was to prevent us from catching the flue, and rightly so.

Wearing wet socks is detrimental to your health if you do not know how to wear them.

According to popular research from renowned global institutions, it has been derived that wearing wet socks to bed is actually contains health benefits which we might not be educated about.

To understand the implications of wearing wet socks to bed and how you should be wearing them to reap its optimal benefits, keep reading this article. It will answer all your doubts.

Why wear wet socks to bed?
Why wear wet socks to bed?

Why should you wear wet socks to bed? Research on this matter has elucidated several valid points on why wearing wet socks to bed can actually increase the effectiveness of your immunity system and reduce congestion. Other than this, the health benefits to this are innumerable and almost unbelievable.

We will further break it down for you in order to understand what these benefits are-

  • Wearing wet socks to bed can prevent or cure a common cold- Ailments like common cold takes a long time to go and we resort to an ample amount of methods that end up not being effective enough.

However, wearing wet socks to bed has proven to be a successful method in avoiding the cold.

The blood circulation that originates while you have your wet socks on is actually helpful in flushing out the toxins from your body.

Want to know how?

Keep reading till the end because we will tell you exactly how you should undertake this experiment and the scientific reason behind its magic. Because at the end of the day, we all want facts to support the claims that we make. No one will blindly trust an ideal if it isn’t backed by facts.

Anyway, the wet socks hack is not going to have any negative effects on your body, so trying it is not a big deal.

  • Wearing wet socks to bed helps you sleep better- I’m sure you are aware of the importance of getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Yeah, this is easier said than done. Once we lie on our beds, the procrastination cycle starts and we begin to question our existence.

This will only delay your sleep hours and not give your body the rest it requires to rejuvenate and function for the next day.

If you fall into this category and cannot find a way out of it, do not worry. This article has got you covered. Certified by the Bastyr Center of Mental Health, wearing a pair of wet socks has proven to improve sleep patterns.

The blood circulation that is stimulated by wearing the wet socks provides a sedated effect which leaves you feeling sleepy. Not only this, but it has also proven to be 100% effective that you will have a deep sleep after putting these on.

So sock all your sleep problems away with this hack.

However, it is necessary to ensure that you reduce your screen time because the blue light from your phones can strain your eyes and cause headaches and migraines.

Charge your gadgets in a separate form and avoid drinking caffeine after 5 pm.

Eat your dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed.

Mild stretching to get your blood flowing in your body also helps with sleep.

Why wear wet socks to bed?
Why wear wet socks to bed?
  • Wear wet socks to bed for better digestion- This is also a very beneficial effect of wearing wet socks to bed. Our digestive system needs to be functioning properly in order for us to carry out our daily activities with the right rigor and balance. A healthy digestive system equates a healthy mind.

We go through several diets and supplements to regulate our digestive system, which is very much required for mobility. However, here is another hack to get your digestive system working wonders for you.

Yes, wearing wet socks to bed has proven effective in secreting the necessary digestive enzymes to get the stomach juices flowing and aid in digestion.

I know you will be doubting this method to its core right now, but this method is backed by science and facts.

Keep reading this article till the end and you will find out the factual reason behind the significance of this method.

  • Curing Hangovers- When you can wear wet socks to bed, why go through so much trouble in trying to cure a hangover?

We all can agree when we say that hangovers are the worst kind of after-effects of drinking a lot of alcohol the night before. We have heard of several hangover cures like drinking hot tea, lemon juice, iced coolers, etc., and have mostly failed in curing it completely.

However, the wet socks hack is the easiest one you can follow after a night of irresponsible drinking and dancing. Get on some wet socks before you pass out and let it do its magic.

The next morning, you will definitely wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to kick off te he day to a great start.

  • Relieve muscle pain- The effect of hot and cold compression for your muscle strains is always positive. You might have noticed doctors recommending hot and cold compresses to patients suffering from muscle pain and strains.

This is because when the muscles contract and expand in continuous intervals, it releases the spasms and relieves the pain.

Wearing wet socks to bed provides a similar effect.

If you want to understand how this works, read until the end of this article.

Why should I wear wet socks to cure foot fungus? This you definitely shouldn’t do. The athlete’s foot cure does not lie in wearing wet socks to bed. Instead, it aggravates the situation. Wet socks are breeding ground for germs to thrive in, so wearing wet socks and thinking it will cure Athlete’s foot is a myth.

An athlete’s foot home remedy would be soaking your feet in warm water with a tablespoon of salt for about 10-15 minutes.

This will open the pores on your feet and let the germs flow out.

Now, let us view the most awaited part of this article.

This deals with How to wear wet socks to bed the right way to reap optimal benefits and how it actually works.


  • Begin by washing your feet thoroughly with water and soap.
  • Take a tub of hot water and place your feet inside for 5 to 10 minutes. At this moment soak a pair of thin cotton socks in icy cold water and rinse it out.
  • As soon as you’re done soaking your feet in hot water, wear these icy cold socks on. It will sting a lot. This only means it will work.
  • Immediately after this, wear on a pair of warm woolen socks on top of the thin cotton ones.
Why wear wet socks to bed?
Why wear wet socks to bed?


  • As you put the wet socks on, your body vessels constrict, and effective nutrients automatically surge to your vital organs and tissues.
  • These nutrients help in fighting viruses and infections, thereby stimulating a healthy immunity system.
  • As the woolen socks start to warm up your feet and dilates the blood vessels. All the junk that has been stored in your body is now excreted from these open pores and vessels.
  • This alternative hot and cold contraction and expansion of blood vessels allows for the smooth circulation of blood and a regularized lymphatic drainage which your body requires.


The result? A healthy immune system is ready to fight viruses and regulate the systems in your body.

Do try this out for a couple of nights to visualize the positive effects.


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