Why Videos Made For Instagram Should Differ From Videos Made For Other Platforms And How To Do It

An American photo and video-sharing social networking app, Instagram, or as youngsters call it as ‘Insta’ has become immensely popular. People all over the world share their experiences through photos, short videos, and stories.

Instagram has become a hub for modern storytelling where pictures do all the talking. With the introduction of IGTV and Reels, Instagram has taken it to a whole new level. 

A new set of businesses have sprung up, which depend on Social Media to reach their customers and suppliers. ‘Instagram Influencers’ have a unique role to play in all this.

Why Are Videos On Instagram different?

Videos on other platforms such as Youtube and Twitter are completely different from the ones on Instagram, and here are the reasons why:

Specific Target Audience

In marketing and advertising, a selective group of consumers is targeted within the predetermined target market to increase sales and meet customer demands. Instagram is a platform that helps with it.

With just the right information and tools, one can influence their target audience. Tons of softwares and tools are available, which can help a business get hold of their customers over Instagram.

Ability To Meet Consumer Demands

Consumer feedback is vital for a business looking to thrive online. While there are different ways to receive input, Instagram provides companies with an interactive way to collect feedback.

Usually, consumers dread providing feedback as it is always very monotonous and boring, but Instagram has done wonders by changing it all for good. 

Features That Cater To Its Viewers

Instagram offers lots of features that resonate with its audience. Face filters, stickers, and other video options like the boomerang and Instagram Reels are exactly what the audience wants.

While Instagram currently doesn’t offer search engine visibility and user analytics insights, it has been able to provide a much-needed platform for businesses to flourish, given its ability to target a specific part of the audience.

Starting A Marketing Campaign On Instagram

Decide Your Video’s Duration

Instagram provides different spaces for a variety of duration of videos. If you want to post a video with a length of fewer than 1 minute, you can do it on the Instagram posts.

If you need to post a longer video, you can do so on the IGTV platform. The minimum duration of the videos displayed in IGTV needs to be 15 seconds, and the maximum length should be 10 minutes. 

However, if you need multiple short videos, you can use Instagram stories to your advantage. You can post 15-second videos there and also ask users for their valuable feedback.

Deciding a video’s duration becomes essential in this case. Different video durations cater to different marketing solutions and strategies. Even if you’re making a personal video, deciding a video length is vital.

Decide Your Audience

Instagram has a wide range of audience that is ready to listen to your businesses story and information about your products. People as young as 16 and as old as 70 are here.

Whenever a marketing team has to launch a product or advertise it, they have to consider the potential target audience for them. It ensures that marketing efforts reach people who need the products. 

Partner With Influencers

Influencers are people on Instagram who have already built a broad audience that follows them. They can help you get ahead of your competitors.

Firstly, you have to identify a few influencers who have an audience relevant to the product you are marketing. Influencers recommend your product to thousands of their followers, and in turn, your brand increases a thousand times more.

Make Videos For Instagram

Choose The Right Camera

People generally use their mobile phones to create Instagram videos. They have a variety of features that you can use for your benefits. Boomerang, face filters, and image filters are something that makes even a regular, boring video seem interesting too. 

Imagine what you can do with a great camera that shoots well and capture all the aspects of your image and imagination perfectly. Generally, small brands and businesses don’t pay attention to all of this, but it does matter in the long run.

So if you’re trying to make a video for Instagram, try to be a little more professional. It does not have to be a professional camera or a DSLR always. If you can take a good shot from your mobile phone itself, nothing should stop you from growing on Instagram. 

Choose The Right Tools

Instagram is not about shooting any video and putting it up. You need to be careful and selective about what you want the public to see. Editing a video is equally important. Lots of external tools are available in the market today, which can help you create a video that you need.

Invideo is one such platform that helps people create professional-looking videos for Instagram. You can use InVideo’s video outro maker. You can also edit your videos on PC with their instagram video editor pc suite.

Tons of other video editors and similar applications are available in the market, which can help you with your Instagram content. 

Ask For Help

If you are new to making and editing videos and don’t know where to start, ask for help from someone that might know about all this. Find a friend or an acquaintance who can teach you some of this stuff.

If you don’t have someone you know who can help you out, there are tons of DIY videos and tutorials on all kinds of video platforms where you can learn. 

Apart from that, if you want your videos to look a bit more professional, you can take help from agencies that provide such services. There are lots of online and offline agencies that can help you create your desired content for Instagram.

Instagram is undoubtedly a video-sharing platform, but it is quite different from other popular platforms. It promises greater flexibility and reliability due to its diverse audience and influencers. You should make sure the video you have created meets the eye of your targeted customers. Cheers!

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