Why study notes are so important for your board exams?


    Boards can be a very pressurizing time. With all the expectations and dreams attached, you are bound to work hard and give your best shot in these examinations. It is important therefore that you leave no stone unturned and take all the risks and chances and count on all the resources that are available while creating your own. When you prepare for your board exams, you would like to cover all the books and notes that are available to you. It makes sense till the time you understand and learn the concept. It is acceptable to use several resources to prepare yourself for the board examination. But when it comes to revision, you would want as little material as possible covering all the possible concepts. Therefore, maintaining your revision notes can be of great help at the end of the day. When you make notes for yourself, they will be in your handwriting and your words which are easier to remember and understand. Writing a concept does make it more clear.

    So it is all pros and no cons when it comes to maintaining notes. Some might say it is a time-consuming activity but you do not have to beautify your notes. Notes are supposed to be understandable and not beautiful. The time taken to maintain notes is in real-time saved for the future. Here are a few reasons for you to understand why study notes are so important for your board exams.

    1. Time saver 

    Maintaining study notes can be a great time saver. While you make notes, it might seem as if you’re giving more time to it than required as it involves studying the material, understanding it, analyzing it, and then using your creativity to make the notes. This is time-consuming as compared to just studying from the textbook and marking there itself but when it comes to revision, study notes are the best source of study. It gives you a precise compilation of all the topics and their necessary contents. You will not have to overlook anything. The chapter will be confined to just a few pages and a revision at a glance would be possible. 

    1. Better understanding

    Study notes are written with your understanding of the concepts. They are moreover in your handwriting. Therefore, they provide a better understanding and clarity of concepts. When you can grasp the gist of the concept better, you can formulate better answers for the exams. You are allowed to leave no scope for misunderstanding or unclarity when it comes to preparing for your board exams therefore it is important that you invest time in creating and maintaining study notes for all the possible subjects. 

    1. Clearer concepts

    When the larger-looking picture is confined into a smaller one, it brings clarity as to what is important and what can be ignored. When you study from a textbook, several things are mentioned just for basic understanding. There are certain things that you can let go of after a single reading or memorizing. There can be many concepts that you might’ve covered beforehand in your previous classes and you do not need to revise them every time. To forego such excess information, you can make study notes. These study notes will contain only the important stuff and you can be clear in your head and about the syllabus as to concentrate on what is required. The fluff can be removed. 

    1. Improved retention power

    When you create notes, you use your thoughts and thinking to formulate the sentences and phrases in your notes to make them compatible with the best of your understanding. The practice of understanding, analyzing, and then formulating helps build retention power. You will have to go through the text at least three times before you are ready with your study notes. This will help your brain retain the read, analyzed, and written material for a longer duration and with better understanding. 

    1. Increased concentration

    When you apply the brain and its creativity to frame the study notes, you will require the utmost concentration in doing so. With the lack of concentration, you are prone to attain a lower level of study material. It will not be up to the mark. Therefore, giving the time it needs, study notes are meant to be framed with total concentration. This will help enhance your ability to concentrate as well. You cannot take the risk of doing something without your full concentration when it comes to board examinations. 

    1. You use your imagination and vocabulary while making notes

    When you make study notes, you tend to use your imagination, creativity, and vocabulary, to make things easier. The main purpose of maintaining study notes is to create a confined and precise version of the chapters. While you do so, you will be able to unveil the vocabulary and the parts of your creative mind that were hidden or left unrecognized. This practice will help you significantly in the long run as well. 

    1. Organized resources

    Study notes provide you with an organized set of material. When you prepare for your board exams, you will have to use varied resources to get the best out of them. You cannot possibly expect yourself to revise the four or five books that you study from. You will have to organize the material from the four books and bring it together in the form of study notes in an organized way to provide you with the best from all the resources. Organized notes will eliminate any confusion at the time of revision. 

    1. Just the important content

    Study notes are made up of all the important contents that are required for the preparation for the board exams. You reduce the wide source of material that is provided to you and prioritize the material to bring the most important and unavoidable contents that will have to be revised during all the revision sessions. This will help you retain the knowledge related to all the important concepts of your syllabus for a longer duration.



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