Causes To Fixes: Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad
Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad

Honestly, we have all been through the phase when the spectrum internet either stops working or performs with a really slow network, haven’t we?

So, if you are wondering why my spectrum internet keeps going out, you should without a doubt consider browsing this entire article that will surely lead you to some solutions.

This good read has all the insights explained for stating all the causes and ways to fix the issue. So that you no longer have to wonder why is spectrum internet so bad.

Without further delay, let us dive right into the topic, shall we?

About Spectrum Internet

Known to be one of the greatest service providers in America, Spectrum is an American trade company. It provides the great service of delivering fast-speed commercial cable television, internet, telephone, and other wireless services.

Furthermore, being a consumer brand of Chartered Communications, Spectrum internet package provides reliable and fast speed internet starting from 100 MBS. It also renders its high-speed service with unlimited data and no contracts to 41 states of the country.

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad
Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad

But nothing is perfect! Many of the users faced issues of spectrum going out constantly. And that, definitely makes users wonder, why is spectrum internet so bad.

Having mentioned that, we have figured out some common causes of the concerns. Keep reading, because identifying the concern is a first step to fixing the issue.

Causes Of Spectrum Slow Speed

If you are trying to figure out why is my internet so slow all of a sudden in 2022, then there might be a lot of factors that can contribute to the decrease in internet speed.

If you intend to find a way to increase your speed, you should at first know the reason why it is rendering such poor service. Following are some of the common reasons that might have led to this issue.

1. Out Of Date Services

If you are wondering why is my wifi not working spectrum then out-of-date services might be the primary reason why your internet won’t work.

To make your internetwork, you must have a proper package plan that provides unlimited high-speed data with no contracts.

2. Old Router Or Modem

Another crucial factor that might lead your internet to perform with a minimum speed is the usage of an old router. In this case, even if you have a new package plan, the internet would still be slow because of the usage of an old router.

You should immediately consider buying a new modem or router to establish a reliable and high-speed connection.

3. Leeches On Your Network

There are times when it might show that spectrum wifi connected but no network which indicates that there isn’t any problem with your device but rather some other users are connecting to your network that is resulting in the extremely slow speed.

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad
Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad

4. The Router Is Placed In A Bad Spot

Routers don’t have the potential to reach everywhere. So you should know that if your house is filled with too much furniture, wardrobes and walls then your network is definitely going to be slower.

Microwaves can also lead to a decrease in the speed of the network as they might cause several interruptions with the network signal.

5. Operator’s issue

We generally come up with a thought that suggests that fault must be someone else, and wonder why my internet is so slow all of a sudden. But, it might not always be the case that you are at fault.

Troubles can turn up from the operator’s side as well and it is always necessary to notify them about the poor signal and confirm if the issue is from their end.

6. Too many applications

There might be times when you complain to your service provider that I pay for 300 MBs but the internet is slow. Hence, you should know that it is normal for the WIFI connection to slow down if you have a lot of apps running in the background.

The apps running in the background are using up an unnecessary amount of internet and hence leading to the slowing down of internet speed.

Make sure to clear the unnecessary apps and keep only the ones that are needed to be used.

With that, we hope you are able to relate well to the aforementioned causes of Spectrum’s slow speed issue.

And now, it’s time to know some best and quick steps to fix the spectrum speed.

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad
Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad

Ways To Fix the Spectrum Internet Speed

If you are wondering how to speed up spectrum internet, then go through the following points to gain an insight into effective remedies to deal with the issue. So, let us know more:

1. Restart the modem

The first thing that you should consider doing is restarting the modem.  You can plug out the power cord and wait for a few minutes to restart the modem. Now you should log in to the power cord back and reboot the modem.

And then, wait for the modem to switch on completely and establish the connection. One more point that you should ensure is that your modem and router is dust-free.

2. Upgrade the equipment

It is very obvious for any machine or gadget to perform poorly if the device used belongs to an old version. As time passes by and technology improves, the devices should be upgraded as well to receive better quality of services.

If you are confused about which modem or router to use, consider contacting the service provider for appropriate help. You can contact the spectrum company through the following website:

3. Multiple apps

In case you notice that your router and package both are upgraded, then it might be the usage of a lot of apps that is ultimately putting a negative impact on the speed of the internet.

You keep a watch on the unnecessary apps that might be running in the background and only continue with the ones that you actually require.

4. Host server issues

The other significant reason why your spectrum modem won’t connect might be due to an unprecedented issue from the host server’s side.

If you check that you don’t have any issue from your side, you should know that the host server might be undergoing certain technical issues that have ultimately led to the decreased speed of the internet.

The host servers are generally responsible for hosting the images, games, files, websites, and apps.

5. Locate your router strategically

The location of your router plays a crucial role in determining the signal strength of the router.

Make sure you place the router on a flat surface and somewhere high without any obstructions near it so that all the sides of the router are open to establishing a better signal.

Keep the router away from microwaves and wireless headphones as these might lead to the deterioration of the network.

6. Reduce the number of devices

If a router is being connected to a lot of devices simultaneously, then it might put a negative impact on the internet signal. Since a lot of devices have to be managed, this actually puts more strain on the router than it can actually take.

So it is better to disconnect the devices that are not currently in use to decrease the congestion and establish a stronger connection back again.

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad
Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad


1. Spectrum speed test

Measuring the speed of your connection can be a great idea to prevent your network from getting slow in the future. It shows how fast you can stream, download or access movies.

Now if the thought ‘is spectrum speed test accurate’ is roaming in your head.  Always remember that It also helps in measuring the amount of data your computer can receive in a second and also the maximum amount of data your computer can send to the internet.

Thus, if you get to witness that your speed is slow, you can take necessary actions before. Hence conducting an internet speed test is genuinely important.

2. Using an ethernet connection

If you are still experiencing poor network connections on your PC, you can use an ethernet connection which retrieves a direct connection from the router.

Since it is a wired connection, it is proved to be more reliable when it comes to giving consistent and fast-speed internet.


1. Why Does The Spectrum Internet Keep Dropping?

This might happen due to a range of factors including too many running apps, outdated packages, or outdated versions of modem or router. Poor wifi hotspots can also impact the signal strength of the connection.

2. Is Spectrum Internet Good Or Bad?

Spectrum is the nation’s second-largest network service provider. Even though it offers a range of speed networks for gaming, streaming, and downloading, it has still received a score of 63 out of 100 and is marked as below average service provider.

 3. Why is the internet so slow today in 2021?

Slow internet can be caused by a range of factors including old modems or routers, outdated versions of packages, bad router position, blocked signals, etc, and many more.

4. How can I make my Spectrum WiFi better?

You should make sure you have an upgraded version of the data package and a new router or model for good signal strength.

There should not be too many apps running in the background and you can also try restarting your modem if none of the above works.

Final Verdict:

The Internet has a major role to play in our lives. And the slow speed of the internet indeed became a cause of concern.

But thankfully, some quick checks of causes can solve the issue in no time. Having said that, we hope the above-mentioned information will help you with the spectrum speed.

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