Why Does Chrome Use So Much RAM?

Google Google, answer me!

Well, that’s the common phrase whenever any question pops up in our mind. Right!

Furthermore, another best friend of google seems Chrome, isn’t it!

But do you know, Google Chrome uses so much RAM! 

Besides, being the most used browser, the real question Is Why Is Chrome Taking So Much Memory

We know that there must be many questions related to Google Chrome when you suddenly discover RAM consumption. 

To get the reasons, we have researched well and shared this piece of reading for you! So, keep reading to enhance your knowledge!

We all know that Google Chrome comes to be the most popular web browsers around the globe. But you it uses an exorbitant amount of your computer’s memory and RAM.

However, as a matter of fact, memory-hogging Chrome processes at your task manager is due to good reason. 

It is indeed shocking to know that Chrome High CPU Usage is for a good reason. 

Considering the same, let’s uncover, why Chrome uses so much RAM and memory. Also, will cover some well-known and proven steps to impede its use. 

So, let’s get started!

Why Chrome Uses Too Much RAM?       

To begin with, here is a task for you!

Observe! Observe!

when you’re using a computer, the maximum part of what you do on your computer takes place in your browser. That’s from opening any tab to surfing YouTube videos or using any web apps or extensions. There are many things you do on your computer and eventually, the maximum is done on the browser. 

And to do that for you efficiently, Chrome Needs Storage Access and that’s quite large and reasonable to have a good and effective performance.

 But high storage and high consumption of RAM somewhat looks like a problem, however, it’s not a problem. To get this clearer, here we are with another answer to the question and that is  Is Google Chrome’s RAM Usage A Problem

Let’s find out. 

Well, truly it’s not actually a problem because the Chrome browser splits every tab and extension into its own process that you open. This is done in case one thing crashes due to any reason it doesn’t crash all other open tabs as a whole. 

This Chrome feature said to be convenient, but at the same time use higher memory because it has to duplicate some tasks from every open tab in the task manager. 

We are certain that this what you can figure out easily. 

But many other things are undergoing in the background.

 This can be explained as Chrome’s Multiple Processes feature can cause higher memory and RAM usage, but on the other hand, makes your web pages load faster as now it’s a completely new process. 

Undoubtedly, the more tabs and extension you install, open, or run; the memory consumption is also going to be high.

So, it’s a big ‘yes’ that Chrome uses to much RAM and the good reason for this is your convenience. 

Now, while researching the reasons of using high memory, we also tried to figure out, Why Does Chrome Have So Many Processes?

And to find out that, we dug the details deeper and here we are with the answer!

You must be aware of the rapidly growing popularity of the chrome browser because of its easy handling and fast browsing. However, apart from its wide-spreading popularity, there are many issues that you might face in Windows’ Chrome Application. 

Have you noticed that your chrome browser is using quite huge amounts of RAM and resources on your computer, What for this? 

This what we are going to uproot now. 

We will also share the very common and must answering the “Multiple Processes” problem in the Google Chrome task manager. What’s the need for Chrome to open a new process for each task, tab, or extension? Why Multiple Processes?

This comes up to be the most common question.

 After multiple requests for the exact cause and perfect solution to this, we decided to analyze this issue and find out a set of solutions to fix this Multiple Process problem completely. 

What we got as it cause? 

After a complete investigation, the actual cause for Multiple Processes is Incorrect Configuration. 

Now, you must be thinking what’s Incorrect Configuration? 

Chrome default setting enables it to run multiple processes for each tab individually. Chrome browser has a built-in task manager, there it clearly shows that the resources being used by the running browser. Apart from this it also shows the number of processes running on the browser. 

You get to see different prices for different tab because it’s done to avoid the loss of data when suddenly one-tab crashes. This crash will not affect the other tabs and your data remain conserved. 

After this, you must be clear now why your Chrome browser has Multiple Processes. 

So, let’s get to know, How to Reduce Google Chrome’s RAM Usage? 

It’s time to get familiar with some solutions that Google Chrome’s RAM usage. 

We have listed some well-known and effective methods below, but the important thing before going through the solutions is to apply them in the order as mentioned to avoid a clash. 

Method 1: Changing Configuration

As we all know Chrome runs different processes for each tab, and it will continue unless the user makes a change to its configuration. 

How to change the configuration? 

It’s isn’t surprising if this comes up to be the very first question knowing this.

To change the configuration, you have to add a command line in the Google Chromes’ shortcut. This because you won’t find a direct option to change your Chrome configuration included in the setting.

How to add a command line to Chrome’s configuration? 

To add this common line, just follow the simple steps listed below carefully. 

Step 1: Firstly, you have to right-click on the “Chrome.exe” shortcut option that you will find in the desktop. After that, you have to select the “Properties “menu. 

Note: In case you don’t find a shortcut that means it’s not yet created and, in that case, you have to create one.

Step 2: Now, just click on the “Shortcut” tab. This tab is present at the top and from there select the “Target” option.

Step 3: Lastly, add the command line given below at the end of the target listed- location. –process-per-site.

How to check if command link added successfully or not? 

After adding the command line, you can match the command line shown below with the target panel and this must look like. – “C:\Program Files (x86) \Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –process-per-site.

Step 4: If it’s exactly the same as given then click on the “Apply” option and then further select “Save “.

Job Done! 

Now your Chrome must be running on a single process for all the tabs you open. 

Method 2: Eliminating Processes

Secondly, you can also perform the Eliminating Processes where you have to eliminate the extra processes to secure all resources. 

How to perform Eliminating Processes? 

To perform this, you have to use the built-in task manager. This task manager comes up with the browser. 

So, let’s check out the steps to perform the eliminating processes. 

Step 1: Firstly, open the Chrome browser, after opening launch a new tab there.

Step 2: After launching a new tab press the command- “Shift” + “Esc”, this command will open the task manager. 

Step 3: Lastly, just click on any process that looks isn’t useful for you, after selecting any process you will get an “End Process” option, select this to end the process.

Note– After ending any process this will also close the tab related to the process, this you must keep in mind. 

Hope the above solution helped you out to fix the Incorrect Configuration. 

Besides, we have also explored, Why Does Task Manager Show Multiple Chrome? 

You must be shocked after glimpsing multiple Chrome in the task manager. So, the question arises Why your text manager shows multiple Chrome? 

This because the Chrome browser performs “Multiple Processes”, where each tab has its separate process stored in the Google Chrome task manager. However, Multiple Processes enable fast browsing and conserve data.

Interesting, right!

Now, let’s go further!

We know, the search doesn’t end without tapping on Youtube. And so, we also figured out one common issue of YouTube Crashing Chrome.

Let’s find out what happens here!

Has ever YouTube video suddenly got freeze or paused in your Chrome browser? 

If yes, have you ever given a thought to Why does this happen? 

Well, we know the answer!

This happens when your Chrome browsers get overload with multiple tasks running at the same time. This issue ends up giving a message ” Chrome isn’t responding”. 

But, hey, take a sigh of relief as we know How to solve this? 

There are various methods to fix this crash. This method would hardly take more than a few minutes. 

So, let’s have a look at those methods that are known to be the best ones that fix frequent Chrome crashes.

Quick and simple way out is trying a different browser! Well, not for browsing, but to Update Google Chrome. Once done, here are the next steps!

  • Turn Off Hardware Acceleration
  • Clear Chrome’s Data
  • Disable Chrome’s Extensions
  • Update the Graphics Card Driver

And that’s all about it! You will get your chrome and YouTube functioning smoothly.


Chrome is indeed the best browser for all of us. However, challenges are part of the parcel. Having said that, the answers and resolution of various issues of chrome have made the browser even stronger.

We hope the good read has

given you enough information and enables you to keep browsing without stress. 

Happy Browsing!

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