When Do You Need Dental Implants?

Balwyn is about 10kms from the Central Business District of Melbourne. It is one of the most exclusive suburbs in Melbourne, boasting quiet and tranquil streets. Balwyn has a good combination of houses, apartments, parks, and commercial establishments. If you are looking for a dentist in Balwyn to advise you whether you need a dental implant, you can easily find one. 

The dental implant procedure involves fusing artificial teeth into the jawbone to provide stability. It also includes adding bridges to the implants to prevent shifting or slipping inside the mouth. They are essential as they secure dentures, crowns, and bridges, particularly when you are talking. Your dentist will ensure that the implants will help you smile and face people more comfortably and confidently.

The following are primary reasons why undergoing a dental implant procedure is the best option in your case:

Cracked Teeth

It is difficult to fix a cracked tooth without corrective surgery like an implant. The dentist will examine your teeth and evaluate the best course of treatment to restructure them. Many dentists would recommend extracting it and implanting a replacement if you have a damaged and problematic tooth. The good thing about it is the implant will function like a real tooth. 

Missing Teeth

If you have been missing some teeth, it can be troublesome to go about your day because other people can notice the gaps in your mouth. It can embarrass you, and your self-esteem can be affected when speaking or smiling. Thanks to a dental implant, it can fill the gap between your teeth and blend in naturally. 

Loose Dentures

A dental implant is probably the best solution if your dentures are loose. It could also be an effective replacement for your partials. If you are self-conscious and worried that your dentures or partials may fall at any moment, your dentist in Balwyn may recommend implants as an alternative. 

Bone Loss in Jaw

A part of the dental implant in your jawbone usually functions as an artificial root of your tooth. It is made from titanium and creates a bond between the bone and the soft tissue through osseointegration. This process allows the implant to grow natural roots in your teeth. Also, an implant can prevent bone degeneration. 

Since every person is different, the dentist will create a unique treatment plan for you, following the diagnosis. This includes assessing the duration of the whole procedure. The treatment completion time depends on your dental needs, history, and condition of the jawbone. 

Dentures Are Not the Ideal Option

Some people do not do well with dentures. If the dentures are poorly fitting, it can cause the mouth to shrink, loosening the dentures. The teeth can also suffer from misalignment due to bone shrinkage. Poorly fitting dentures can also cause mouth sores, difficulty chewing food, as well as stomach issues. This can also be the reason for a change in your facial feature. 

On the other hand, dental implants eliminate these problems since you do not need to remove them, unlike dentures. In other words, you can eat, drink, floss, brush, or sleep with your implants. 

In general, dental implants are durable, safe, and beneficial for the long term. Choosing the best dentist in Balwyn to perform the procedure can help reduce any complications and recover quickly.

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