If you would have noticed sometimes gamebar.exe running in your Task Manager or trying to access the internet, then probably the first that may come in your mind will be-


Right? Well, you are not alone with this confusion in your mind. Many even still believe that it’s a virus and will harm their important file and later delete it. 

But, you don’t have to take such a quick decision. We in this read will cover everything related to gamebar.exe and how and when you should disable it. 

Gamebar.exr in a simple word is an executable application and is a small component of the major program file, Xbox.  It’s used to have smooth and lag-free gaming, but sometimes it causes lots of issues and needs to be fixed. 

So, for your clear understanding, we listed everything that should know about this file,

How To Remove Game Bar Windows 10?  

Using the Windows Setting you can completely disable the Game Bar. But, How? Well, in just simple steps. 

Here are steps that you follow to disable your Game Bar in Windows 10- 

  1. At first, you must simply right-click on the Start menu
  2. Then choose the “Settings” option from here. 
  3. There a Windows Settings menu will suddenly pop up, from where you have to press on the Gaming option. 
  4. After this, you will notice a Game Bar options menu on your screen, from where you must choose the Xbox Game Bar tab.
  5. At last change the Enable Xbox Game Bar slider to Off position. Done! 

You successfully disabled the game bar in your Windows 10.

The Result- 

Note that once you disabled your Game Bar then features like in-game overlay and mid-game clip recording will eventually get disabled. 

In case you change your mind and want to enable the Game Bar then simply go through the steps again, but this time turn the off Game Bar switch to on.

Source: win ox bite

Another Method to disable Game Bar is by- 

Using Registry Editor in Windows 10-  

Apart from the Windows Settings menu that offers the most simple and quickest method to disable the Game Bar, there’s one more method to disable it, that’s using the Registry Editor.

Before moving ahead and using this, have a Note That- 

Using this will disable your Game Bar for any further, so we advise you to create a  back up for all your registry entries.

If you are ready with your back up then, below are the steps to disable your Game Bar using Registry Editor- 

First right click on the Start menu present at the bottom of your Windows home and then press Run.

After which you will see Launch Run in Windows 10, wherein the Run window, you have to type Regedit in the available dialogue box then press OK.

Regedit will then launch the Windows Registry Editor. Where you use the hierarchical menu on the left. 

Use it and navigate to-  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameDVR folder.

Lastly, in the right-hand panel, have a double click. Suddenly you will notice an AppCaptureEnabled entry change it to disable mode. 

Note- You can choose an alternative method in the AppCaptureEnabled entry where simply right-clicking on it will allow you to Modify it, press the Modify option. 

Done! You have successfully disabled your Game Bar Windows 10. 

Many of you must have various questions related to Gamebar Presence Writer. If that so then let’s have a look at what it means and what are its causes, Starting with- 

What Is Gamebar Presence Writer?

Nothing confusing, in simple words Gamebar Presence Writer can be said an executable process that helps in carrying out all Game Bar functionality.

If you are looking for its actual functionality and how it’s going to help you, the latter is a built-in feature in Microsoft Windows 10 and is used for recording gameplay in Xbox. 

How To Enable This? Well, there’s no need for a manual switch, the “gamebarpresencewriter.exe” has an in-built program that allows it to get enabled automatically.

Note- The automatically enabled system will work only when you open up your Game Bar and play a video game.

Now, have a go through on some- 

Issues With The Gamebar Presence Writer- 

If you like streaming games or sharing your amazing gameplay with your friends then Gamebar Presence Writer will be the best thing for you. 

But, in case you don’t want to record anything of your gaming, then this becomes the most useless thing for you unless you change your mind. 

Many users in the community forums complain about this service as it keeps on popping up error messages during gameplay. The most irritating part is that it doesn’t stop there but keeps on launching itself.

To make things clear for you we have listed some common issues that you might have faced or will face by Gamebar Presence Writer service:

Source: minitool
  • Taking up memory
  • Taking up bandwidth
  • Taking up too much CPU
  • Lagging the game speed
  • Eating up frame-rate and dropping down FPS

Annoying, right? To disable this service when you don’t want it can be done simply by disabling the Game Bar or Game DVR. 

As it will indirectly disable the Gamebar Presence Writer for a smooth gaming experience. 

If you are still confused with the question- 

Does Game Bar affect performance?

Then we can answer it out in a clear statement that the Game bar does have a performance hit but it mostly depends on how you use it. 

If you go with our recommendation or what other gamers are saying on community forums then probably it’s even worse than shadowplay. 

Final Words-

The lag free gaming is the right of every gamer; hence, removal of game bar  can be effective for the same, We have listed everything that as an Xbox user you should know about it. Hoe this good read will get you to all the answers you need.


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