What happens when you ask Siri 17?


Siri, our little personal virtual assistant, offered by Apple, is something that stands up to help us in crucial times. 

You might be sitting in a group of people who are having a chat about something you don’t know, or stuck in a difficult situation where you need to call for emergency asap; Siri stands tall and saves you in every event of your life. 

If you don’t know, Siri offers a range of secret features which are not known by many.

One of these incredible features is its emergency number. 

What Is Siri Emergency Number
What Is Siri Emergency Number

Wondering, What Is Siri Emergency Number?

Well, just Say 17!

Yes, you read it right!

If ever, you caught up in some emergency situation and need to contact someone instantly, you can ask Siri’ 17′, which directly calls your local emergency number asap. 

Pretty easy and quick, right!

But want to know what’s so special about number 17?

The reason behind Siri’s emergency number is ’17’ or Seventeen is simple; 17 is used as an emergency phone number to contact the emergency services in several countries. 

Though the feature is not known to many, it might help you in a critical situation. 

On that note, for using Siri’s ’17’ feature, you must know how to talk to Siri in the first place, said Mohit from professional essay writers.

Let’s find out the details!

How Can You Talk To Siri?

Talking to Siri can also be fun at times; for having a little chit chat with your virtual buddy.

 Simply, hold the home button of your iPhone or the center button of your earphones until a sound of beep is heard from the device, and the Siri screen pops up. 

After the beep, you can ask Siri a question and communicate with her. 

What happens when you ask Siri 17?
What happens when you ask Siri 17?

Talking to Siri is something you might also do for fun, but there’s more of it, you can also text anyone using Siri, 

So goodbye typing!

Furthermore, you can take the help of Siri In typing too! Keep reading to know ‘How’

How Can You Use Siri To Text?

Using Siri for texting is a feature that people still lack to use. To drop someone a text using Siri, just press and hold the Home button, wait until Siri opens, and then spell out the word ‘Text’ alongside the person’s name to whom the message is to be sent. 

Following this, Siri will respond with a question, ‘What do you want your message to say?’, dictate the message and say ‘Send’ or ‘Yes’ to send the message to your selected contact. 

Your virtual friend Siri can also crash your friend’s iPhone device, its the infamous Hyphen trick.

The Hyphen Trick?

Your iPhone device consists of a severe trick that might make your friend go nuts, it’s called the Hyphen Trick. 

It came to people’s interest than saying the word ‘Hyphen’ five times results in iPhone crashing and getting restart immediately, closing every application appearing on the screen in seconds. 

What happens when you ask Siri 17?
What happens when you ask Siri 17?

Can Make Siri Say Anything?

Siri is an excellent virtual assistant, not to mention one of the bests that are out there in the public domain. Siri answers our queries in a very polite and lenient way, but can you make Siri say anything? Yes, you can! 

This feature is available only on devices with iOS 14 and later. To make Siri say anything depending upon your need, for example, making Siri read a web page, ebook, or dictate a text, you have to use the ‘Speak Screen’ feature available in the latest iOS 14. 

The’ Speak Screen’ feature makes Siri read anything that you select from the screen. Siri’s abilities are not limited to this; there’s plenty more! Wait! 

Do you know about the famous 112 queries?

The 112 Query?

Yes, You might not be aware of this, but telling Siri’ 112′ automatically calls 911 or any other emergency service. This is because 112 is the emergency number in Europe. 

The 112 Query
The 112 Query

The list continues with another addon that is ‘108’. 

What Happens When You Tell Siri 108?

Similarly, to’ 17′ and ‘112’, if you say 108 to Siri, it will dial the nearest available local emergency service. If placed accidentally, iPhone gives you the time of 5 seconds to cancel the call.

These are some of the features that Siri offers but are lesser-known to the users. The listed tips and tricks can be used for both fun and safety, but obviously, we won’t recommend you to try the emergency service call tips unless and until you are in danger and not for fun. 


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