Vital Essentials You Should Know About Divorce And Family Law

The majority of the people who go through separation are experiencing it for the first time. Hence, it isn’t surprising that they won’t know the basic details of the entire procedure.

If you search the web, you’ll be shocked to find out the huge number of misinformation that is circulated online. 

Instead of getting confused by wrong details given on the web about divorce and separation, let’s cut the crap and focus on the most important things that you should know about family law.

While there are law firms like Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC that can help you with the best family law attorneys, you should educate yourself on the facts. 

Parents Have Obligations But Children Enjoy Rights

As long as children are concerned, parents never enjoy rights; rather they share responsibilities. From the perspective of law, parents have obligations while children have rights.

No parent has the right to spend equal time with a child, irrespective of the amount they pay as child support. Rather than enjoying the right, both parents should agree to spend time with their child.

If they don’t, the court may order the same if they think that the decision is favorable for the child. 

There’s No Rule That Says Property Should Be Equally Divided

There are several divorcing couples who think that everything should be kept in their names and when they split, they should divide everything 50/50.

This can be a feasible option in some cases but family law has set forth clear principles of the way in which property should be divided based on needs and contributions.

While determining how you should disburse your liabilities and assets, your present and future needs have to be factored in. 

There’s A Difference Between Financial Settlement And Divorce

Filing for a certificate of divorce and finalizing your finances legally are two different things. In order to finalize your finances legally, you will require to have a solid agreement and consent orders.

On the other hand, if you want to end your marriage formally, you have to legally apply for a divorce. After a divorce, you’ll get 12 months to finalize your finances legally. 

There’s Not Much Difference Between Being Married Or Being A De Facto

All of the above-mentioned laws are also applicable to de facto couples. The law regarding divorce and separation and how you should be dividing your assets among your children will be the same for de facto couples.

Though there might be a small difference in the way you finalize and formalize things, de facto couples have to go through a similar process as those who are married. 

Last but not the least, before you go on for a divorce or separation, you should have a talk with your ex-spouse or partner about how you’re planning to move forward with the divorce.

If you think you need professional help, get in touch with a family law attorney who can walk you through the complicated navigation process. 

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