Virtually Or Manually? Acquire Runescape Golds The Way You Want

Money, money, money. Life is nothing without money. Similarly, a game is incomplete without a proper valediction of gold. You need gold or coins to advance in the levels of any game. Run escape is no different. Each game has multiple levels that offer the players a chance to win gold coins upon completion.

It is called rewards, you can spawn the area or rather setting, accomplish some certain task to unlock certain rewards that would help you set up your own personal gatherings of elements. However, it is never enough no matter how much gold you collect, because, in the end, it falls short. In this article, we will share two methods of acquiring gold for osrs Runescape gold.

Two Ways To Acquire Gold:

There are literally two ways to acquire gold in the game of Runescape. The first method is done manually which means you have to cross the level yourself. The second method is done by purchasing a package with real-life money that would fill up your desires of acquiring.

  1. Manual methods of acquiring gold:

This method sure is tough but this is the one method that will help you gain the adventure you are seeking for as completing the task by yourself by maintaining to clear each and every assignment not only heightens the sense of fun but will result in getting gold. Here is the way to get osrs gold.

  • At first, you have to head to the Inn in Port Phasmatys.
  • From there you have to make way to the dock.
  • Now board the ship and head to the eastern side of the ship’s closet.
  • After that, you have to talk to Bill.
  • After the conversation is done, bring up four pieces of ropes that can be found in the repair locker, take one fuse from the gun locker, with all that element take the tinderbox situated at the southern side.
Virtually Or Manually? Acquire Runescape Golds The Way You Want
Virtually Or Manually? Acquire Runescape Golds The Way You Want
  • Begin climbing up the ladder next.
  • This is the place where you will have to duel with the level 57 pirates to get more golds.
  • If you want to escape, you will have to climb the net ladder.
  • It is at this position where you have to use the fuse placed near the powder barrel.
  • Now you have to light it up.
  • You have to ensure the fact that the fuse is lit. If it is not lit properly you might have to redo the whole strategy again.
  • If you deem it fit then you can start the step from jumping again.
  • Put forth a piece of rope on the hoisted sail. By doing so you are opening up a space to make your way back to the ship.
  • When you get back, you will have to start a conversation with Bill.
  • The damaged portion has to be repaired. You have to do it using the following items.
  • Hammer
  • 6 planks
  • 3 swamp paste
  • 30 tacks
  • After you have found the requirements repair the damaged portion.
  • Tell the bill that you have repaired the damaged area.
  • Again make your way to the opponent’s ship.
  • At this stage, you will be able to attain 10 loot points if you scan the whole area.
  • After you have surveyed the whole area and plundered all the items you could, run back to your own ship.
  • All the plundered items, golds have to saved in the chest to save it from further plunder.
  • You will have to relay the information to Bill again.
  • The damage made to the upper-level cannons gave to be repaired.
  • You will have to inform Bill of this information.
  • Make the preparation and strategies to attack the rival’s ship.
  • Attack the ship using cannons.
  • Fill the cannon using gun powder.
  • Ensure that you have at least put down their enemies with the cannons.
  • This information has to be relayed to Bill.

This method will help you acquire at least 10,000 worth of gold points which could put you up ahead of your schedule of finishing the levels.

  1. Buy them using real-life money:

If you want an easy way to acquire osrs gold points, you can do it using real-life money. At a certain price point, you can get a specific amount of hours of gold points for your Runescape adventures.

It is a method of a real-life trading system that allows you to purchase gold at a set price point. However, to purchase it you will have to be acquainted with bonds as it can. Only be purchased through bonds with Jagex. You can also sell your osrs gold through the same process.


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