Valuable Sports Betting Tips for the Rookies

Betting can be a tough gig. It can be even more tough if you are new to it and don’t really have a clue what’s going on. Realistically, when it comes to betting luck is only going to take you so far. To become a good and effective gamble you have to be much more nuanced than randomly punting money on what you think might win. Instead there are a good few factors to consider and get your head around before placing a bet on anything. When you are a beginner you want to learn the tricks of the trade the right way to get the maximum out of betting that you can. To do this, we have crafted a list of the more valuable sport betting tips out there for rookies, to make sure you start off your betting career with a bang. After all we are all in this together to try and grab some sweet profits from the bookies. 


Shop around

Like anything in the consumerist world, there is competition between businesses to try and attract potential buyers. Betting companies are no exception to this. There are often phenomenal promotional offers provided by betting companies, particularly for signing up new accounts, giving you great deals for big upcoming events, such as bookmaker offers for Cheltenham. This means as a rookie you have a lot of potential to exploit sign-up bonuses and look to get a lot of bang for your buck. On top of this even when you have established yourself as a punter, it is also important to note that different companies are continuously offering different promotions and odds. To get the best deal it is like any purchase, you should be shopping around and finding the right bookmakers for you!



Knowing the odds and manipulating them effectively is so important when it comes to betting. It is likely to be the first thing you come across as a rookie. And when starting out they can be difficult to understand. It really is simple though, the higher the odds the bigger the outsider and the lower the odds the bigger the favourite. This is according to what each bookie is predicting will happen. With most sports, using the odds in your favour is the best way to get bang for your buck and get the most out of your bet. However, in saying that, it is also worth mentioning that some sports such as horse racing see the odds of the favourites winning being substantially lower than in other sports. The unpredictable nature of the sport leaves it much more open and is something you need to consider and know about before you go any further with your bet.


Type of selection

Knowing what type of selection you are going for and picking the right one is another basic but highly important step when it comes to betting. For rookies it can feel pretty overwhelming when you take a look at the online betting markets for sports. There are a plethora of different bets and options you can choose from within the extensive market. Whilst this can seem overwhelming at first, it can also be hugely beneficial. It allows punters access to niche markets, obscure leagues and different areas of sport that would have been otherwise outside their radar. It means low level horse races can be bet on, people sticking money on the Croatian 3rd league or the undercard of big fight nights are all accessible to people. It too means that within each sport you have really good and additional betting options than the bog standard bets of days gone by. This could see an Each-way betting on placed horses, bets on how many corners were in a game of football or how many punches are going to be landed in a round of boxing. With this expansive range of options any rookie could feel nervous at the prospect and be unsure where to start but by starting to carve a niche market for yourself, alongside doing some research, you can really use the types of selection on offer nowadays to your advantage. 



When it comes to betting there is nothing more important than putting in the research. After all, knowledge is power. Without doing the hard graft behind the scenes; the ugly work; the heavy lifting, of meticulous research, you will ultimately flop when it comes to betting. Yes, you may get a lucky break a couple of times. Let’s not paint the picture that by doing research you are going to win every single bet, it is a gamble after all and there is always a chance of losing, but with a finely tuned research body behind you, you are much more likely to pick the right selection and get the best bang for your buck. This means studying the racecards, viewing the horses in the parade ring, checking the most recent form and performances and understanding the magnitude of certain events. It means mastering the knowledge of the sport and applying it correctly. Even veteran bettors who have been doing it for years have to do their research as sport continually evolves. Noone escapes this really important aspect and you are better to get into the way of it from rookie level. This may take time, but with some perseverance you can look to weigh up stats and figures to gain the evidence to back your bet. With the right research and applied knowledge you will no doubt be walking away from the bookies with a winning selection more often than not. And that’s what we are all after at the end of the day!

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