Upgrade Your Space: 7 Low-Budget, High-Impact Changes

When it comes to interior design, many small changes can be made to produce significant overall effects. It really doesn’t take a huge budget or a massive overhaul of the decor to update a space and make it one that you can look forward to enjoying.

  1. Light Fixtures

Not only do light fixtures serve as a decorative element, but they also can add a perspective on the space by focusing the light in a direction to enhance the feel of the room. Light fixtures tend to change drastically according to the aesthetic or to follow developing trends. The shape, material, size, and finish are all very unique to the overall desired aesthetic. You can take a basic lamp base and make a significant change to a room’s feel by simply adding a new lampshade.

It has become popular to trade out the use of lamps for wall-mounted lighting. Instead of a small lamp on the nightstand, aim for a wall mount. These fixtures add a depth of character to a room and help the decor to accomplish a more intentional look. This method works best for spaces that don’t expect to have the furniture moved around since once a light is mounted, that is where it will stay. You can find wall mounted lights in various styles at specialty stores and likely a few basic options at your local hardware department store.

  1. Textiles

One of the easiest ways to upgrades to a space is to change out or add textiles. The use of fabrics in a room can make a huge difference in the room’s décor. Almost any space offers some options for placing throw pillows. Once you have the pillow, you can purchase a new cover to capture any decorative goal. Not only is the cost low enough to make an immediate impact, but the cover can even be used to update the season or to celebrate a holiday.

Even if the floor is carpeted, you can still find spaces that can be offset with a decorative rug. The curtains can be exchanged for a variety of colors or patterns. They can even be different styles or lengths, which can also add new interest to a room. Window treatments can sometimes run into an expensive upgrade, but some options are on the lower end of the budget scale.

  1. Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers can add an instant feel of comfort. If you ever notice that a room feels too sterile or bland, you will likely find that plant life is absent. Greeneryoffers an instant homely atmosphere. Large potted plants can fill an unused area with interest. You don’t necessarily have to have a green thumb. Houseplants come in an array of maintenance levels to include the artificial variety.

A flowering plant can add a pop of color or draw the eye to a well-planned space. Both the color and the flower species can contribute to the decorative tastes that you are hoping to achieve. Living plants (as opposed to cut or artificial plants) offer an added health benefit of more oxygen infused into the room.

  1. Wall Art

Wall Art is another category of home decor that can be very budget-friendly but can run up quite a price tag, too, depending on preference. To keep the costs down, explore what might be available at local thrift stores. When it comes to framed art, there is no limit to the possibilities. It can be art prints, framed pictures, or other decorative pieces. What’s great about framed pieces is that new artwork can be inserted at any time. Again, it can be changed seasonally or to accommodate any decorative whim.

A great option, especially for smaller spaces, is to add wall art in the form of mirrors. Mirrors placed on the wall will reflect light and create a feeling of openness. When possible, position the mirror opposite of a light source to add depth and brightness. You might consider one large mirror or some eclectic arrangementof many smaller mirrors.

Light Fixtures (1)
  1. Hardware

If you have a room with built-in furniture or furnishings, consider how a change in the hardware may enhance the look. You can change the aesthetic or the metals. If drawers don’t already have pulls or knobs, could some be added? Think cabinets, drawers, doors, and some furniture. The kitchen and bathroom offer many opportunities to upgrade the look by switching out or adding hardware.

More hardware options include light plate covers, faucets, doorknobs. These pieces can be easily and affordably upgraded, and the overall is significant. Many homes start with standardized and bland pieces to offer owners and renters a blank palette. By upgrading them, the space can take on a more stylized and ultimately a more expensive appearance.

  1. Paint or Wallpaper

Changing the paint or wallpapering is not as easy as some of the other suggestions. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into either type of project, and the expense can sometimes add up. But there’s almost no project that can have as much of an effect on a room as the walls. Especially if you opt for a bold print for the wallpaper or a high contrast color scheme with paint. If taking on the whole room seems daunting, try focusing on only one wall, often called an accent wall.

  1. Rearrange the Furniture

For a $0 budget, try rearranging the furniture to refresh the space. While the furniture and all the other items are the same, the overall look will be new. Even a fresh take on existing items offers an update and satisfies an itch to make improvements.

Generally, any one of these options will add a subtle upgrade to your living space. The combination of multiple ones will significantly increase the effect of each of them. Even if your budget is minimal, most of these ideas can be implemented for under $25. Over time, as each of these areas moves from standard to stylized, the room can cohesively reflect its inhabitant’s personality and preferences.

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