Ultimate guide to healthcare video marketing

Video marketing is a field that has really taken off in the past few years. With a greater number of people gaining access to the internet and the reach of video-based social media portals increasing every day, marketing via video has become one of the most prominent marketing forms online and offline.

This form of marketing entails primarily using videos of various kinds, be it conventionally shot footage or animation of a combination of both, to put across a message that increases your brand’s reach as well as a consumer base.

Healthcare marketing is an up and coming form of marketing, and with the rise of marketing via video, most of the marketing that takes place for the healthcare sector is done via video as well.

The healthcare sector includes a number of different types of products, each of which calls for its own type of message to be put across to the consumer.

There are many tips and tricks related to marketing via video which you can find in this guide that can really help newcomers make the most of this really efficient marketing method. Focussed on the healthcare sector, here are some of those.

  • Why Choose Video: If you are new to the world of marketing via video, you are bound to question its veracity and effectiveness – and rightly so. But there are a number of reasons why using this form of marketing is bound to do better for your brand than any other.

The most common way prospective customers will find your brand is by searching for it on search engines. Videos are extremely easy to find on search engines and hence develop a direct connection with the customer without a middleman’s need.

Videos are also much easier to consume for the common person than any form of textual marketing, as they are short and to the point. Videos also help you engage in social media to a much better extent, and these platforms are goldmines if you are looking for new customers. Videos are hence bound to help you increase brand awareness to a much greater extent among the public.

  • Trends of Marketing: Over the past years, several trends related to video marketing have emerged. The most prominent trend that has only increased in prevalence in 2020 is that of going live on a social media platform.

Going life can mean addressing a keynote, holding a webinar, or holding any other even related to healthcare, such as a public doctor consultation session. Most social media platforms also allow you to post stories, moments, or fleets that only last a day. Post a new story a day can really help you engage with your followers as well as the public at large.

Ultimate guide to healthcare video marketing
Ultimate guide to healthcare video marketing

Another prominent trend is to sponsor or hire influencers on various social media platforms to spread the word about your brand. This is especially useful for pharma companies that are looking to accrue a wide user base for their latest offering. Influencers have a following of millions and can lead to an increase in the reach of your brand.

  • Marketing Healthcare: There are various types of videos that can be used for marketing by the healthcare industry. The most common videos among these are patient videos, in which patients testify to the veracity and effectiveness of a particular type of treatment or product.

Similar to these are physician or doctor videos, in which healthcare specialists will explain their experience using the product that is to be marketed. Videos can also take the form of profiles of particular doctors, following them around for a day and explaining to the viewers what they do and how the product is useful to them in their daily vocation.

You can visit here to know more about how video marketing strategies work. Case studies can also be conducted in the form of a video, in which a particular case from the public domain is taken and studied in the light of the impact of the specific product to be marketed.

  • Creating Videos for Healthcare: The next step toward marketing your healthcare company or product is actually creating the video. The first step toward creating this video is to decide what your video is going to look like. The tone and tenor of the video must be finalized and the script of the video written.

These are only the first steps toward creating your final video. You must also decide how the video will be made, whether it is going to be animated or a real-life shot, and who will be taking responsibility for each part of the video.

You must also decide and gain confidence using software for video editing, such as video. This software makes the task of video creation and editing much easier and is hence used by thousands of video marketers across the world.

  • Budgeting Your Marketing: Deciding the budget that you are going to spend on the marketing of your product or brand is also an important consideration. Brands will generally prefer to spend as low and amount as they can on the marketing of a product or get the greatest return out of every dollar that they spend on getting new customers.

There are many ways to do so. The most frugal way to market via video is to save up on software costs by using free video editors to edit your video.

There are hundreds of great free video editors that you can use to create a video that looks much the same as if a professional video editor created it. Similarly, using animation in your video instead of paid actors is also a growing trend among video marketers since animation costs are considerably less.

Marketing via video is a growing trend and slowly transforming into an industry of its own. If you are a growing healthcare brand, the time is ripe to start with your first marketing video!



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