Top men’s health issues that is disturbing the youth now

While many diseases are common to human beings, scientists have found out that some diseases are highly common and these patients can be formed as a group. Here we will be discussing the top health issues in men. So, let us get right into it. 

Liver diseases

Liver diseases can occur due to various reasons. This can also include some of the lifestyle factors that the youth seem to be addicted to these days. There is excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes that increase the chances of diseases like cirrhosis and liver enlargement. Those who have hepatitis B also have a chance of suffering from liver diseases in some parts of their lives. But most liver diseases can be treated with total guarantee. Undergoing treatment for the liver disease will most certainly cure the disease. 

Heart diseases

Heart diseases are one of the major problems especially in the youth today. This is due to the increasing addiction of the youth to smoking cigarettes. Some heart diseases are by birth too such as having an enlarged heart, or irregular and fast heartbeat. Heart problems are a root cause for other major disorders in the body too such as high blood pressure. Although heart problems can occur with increasing age, poor lifestyle factors such as excessive smoking, damage the tissues of the heart. 

Almost all types of heart diseases can be treated. But the cost of heart treatments is generally too high, and you need to take medicines too, in case you are not able to undergo surgeries. 

Erectile dysfunction

ED or inability of the male youths to have erections comes third on the list. It can be caused due to various factors such as having heart disease, nerve problems, kidney and liver problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. 

It can be cured by having medicines. Some of the highly used medicines for curing it are Fildena 100 and Cenforce 100 at Arrowmeds. All medicines for the treatment of ED increase the blood flow to the penis to cause erections. There are other forms of treatment too for curing ED and these include surgeries and insertion of surgical implants, acupuncture methods, use of herbs, yoga, and exercises. You should take medicines only after consulting a doctor. There could be some side effects and the use of medicines is often restricted to most patients who have a major form of heart disease or severely low blood pressure. Vidalista 20 Mg Tadalafil is best pills for ED solution in men.

Respiratory diseases

Respiratory problems are diagnosed every year in numerous men and women. The major cause of different types of respiratory diseases includes infections or viruses and bacteria that damage the internal walls and alveoli of the lungs. 

Most scientists and researchers say that the rate of respiratory diseases or infections inside the respiratory system is increasing at an alarming rate. Due to the poor quality of air and the high amount of air pollutants and irritants, the air today is much more toxic. The other reasons for respiratory diseases include cigarette smoking and hazardous jobs where you have to spend major time in the vicinity of toxic gases. 

Addiction to alcohol

This is a lifestyle factor as you can see. It is a major concern for the youth these days that they are increasingly becoming addicted to alcohol. Taking small amounts of alcohol is okay but once you start taking that in high quantities every day this is when the problems start to crop up. The first organ that will be affected is the liver. Moreover, persons suffering from alcohol addiction can also have other types of diseases such as heart diseases, kidney damage, nerve problems, etc. 

For getting treatment from alcohol addiction you generally have to visit a psychiatrist who will help you to have mental control to reduce your alcohol intake. If you are already suffering from diseases and also consume alcohol every day it can lead to fatal consequences. 

Smoking cigarettes excessively

Cigarette smoking has become common in the youth these days. You can say as if it resembles that it represents their adulthood. It is not that the harmful effects of smoking are not known to us. Yet, despite these, we tend to overlook things that keep having cigarettes.

Cigarettes contain nicotine and soot that are easily deposited in the airways and internal walls of the lungs causing them to get damaged over time. This can lead to respiratory infections and increases the chances of other disorders too such as lowering the blood flow in the body due to deposits in the walls of the arteries, high blood pressure, cardiac problems.  


Depression is one of the prime disorders which the youth are increasingly getting vulnerable to. Nowadays we hear a lot of cases about depression and anxiety. People even conduct suicides due to this which is terrible. At Arrowmeds online store, you can get generic medications at a cheap price to cure health.

The causes of depression are mostly related to the lives of a person. There could be several issues that could lead to depression such as lost hope over monetary and financial conditions, family issues, loss of a family member, losing a job, excessive bullying, etc. 

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