Top 5 On-Demand Titles You Should Watch Right Now!

Over the years, competition in the entertainment industry has grown tremendously. With technology and the internet changing everything around us, the industry has had its fair share of wins and losses. There was a time when all we could rely on was cable TV. It was the only medium of entertainment at the time. Fast forward 20 years later, we have online digital platforms to go to when we’re super bored or stressed. The journey from YouTube to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service is incredible.  

Noticing a huge spike in the audience’s binge-watching pattern, cable providers across the country decided to step up their game by providing an all in one service. AT&T DIRECTV offers an On-Demand feature in their plans that allow you to stream your favorite movies whenever you want.  make binge-watching so much more convenient!

Finding the best On-demand titles is a huge challenge, especially when the collection is impossible to skim through. So, we’ve made your life easier for you and picked out the best On-Demand movies you have to watch right now! Grab your remote, sit back, and relax.

  • Parasite

The parasite is a Korean movie directed and written by the talented Bong Joon Ho. The film focuses on the discrimination and disparity between 2 different social classes through the lens of the wealthy Park family and the poor Kim family.

The Kim family included the couple and their 2 adult children who reside in a cramped up basement in a lower-class district of Seoul city. Mr. and Mrs. Kim work hard to make ends meet.

Sometimes they go overboard by committing minor scams, but ironically they also don’t work when they have jobs. On the other hand, their son is determined to get into a good university even without a good educational background. One day Ki-woo, the son, is offered to tutor Park Da-hye of the Park family by his good friend.

The Parks are literally living on the other side of the city, in a lavish residence and a beautiful landscape. This coincidence brings the family closer yet tears them apart through inequality, class separation, and differences. 

This brilliant production by Bong Joon Ho perfectly explains the inequality and justice system in a society where people don’t come from the same echelon. Filmed through a satirical lens, this movie will not make you laugh wholeheartedly since that’s not the point.

  • The Lighthouse

Former lumberjack Ephraim Winslow and the lighthouse keeper, Thomas Wake, are two sailors in the 19th century who go to an isolated lighthouse and seek shelter. For the next few weeks, they only have each other’s company. They wake up to work at a scheduled time together and share meals together.

However, both of them enjoy working in silence and spend long days without speaking. A natural quarantine like this is bound to get on their nerves. The backbreaking labor work is enough to show how tough the journey is when a man is at sea. The movie beautifully explains the haunting, rigid, and solitary relationship of the powerful duo, Robert Pattinson and William Dafoe. 

The silence and no other human life existence on the ground forced them to relive years of pain, resentment, and annoying quirks. This mysterious drama and horror pick is perfect for a movie night with friends.

  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Autumn and Skylar are best friends who are inseparable. Living in a rural part of Pennsylvania, these two girls struggle to fight whatever life throws at them, together. When Autumn gets pregnant, she confides in Skylar.

They both set to New York for an abortion without anyone knowing since Pennsylvania asks for parental consent to give the green signal for aborting. This movie does a brilliant job of capturing the emotions and essence of a woman’s tough life when asked to take permission and agency over every decision.

The movie also shows us how different life would be for the two kids if they hadn’t had to face such an issue. It’s not only about teenage pregnancy and the obstacles that come with it, but it’s also about strong female friendships that serve a greater purpose in our lives.  

  • Toy Story 4

Toy Story has to be our favorite movie series of the last 50 years. This beloved franchise has a lot to offer, and hearing Toy Story 4 hit the big screens had us a bit concerned. Why? Because we expected a lot since the previous part of the sequel, Toy Story 3 ended on a good note and didn’t feel ‘unfinished’.

But once it hit the big screens, we can all agree we let a big sigh of relief! The sequel’s 4th part does absolute justice to the whole franchise with some new characters, new fashion, and new elements. The story begins when a ‘Forky,’ a new toy, joins Woody and his friends to embark on a journey and face whatever hilarious challenge life throws at them.

Not only is it the most aesthetically pleasing film of the series, but the character development of the main characters in this movie is nothing short of incredible. ‘To infinity and beyond’ is more than just a movie line. It’s a legacy. And if you’re a fan of animated movies, Toy Story 4 has to be on your list. Binge watch the entire series, and thank us later!

  • Knives Out

Rian Johnson’s murder mystery does an excellent job of mixing drama and mystery together. This particular genre is a force to reckon with, but this movie does so effortlessly. The character groups, both familiar and fresh faces, are built brilliantly and do an outstanding job in delivering the tone and setting the movie’s mood.

The movie begins when a writer, Harlan Thrombey, played by Christopher Plummer, is found to have committed suicide after the night of his 85th birthday. The police, along with the private detective played by the intuitive and mysterious Daniel Craig, are intrigued to investigate the case.  From Harlan’s family to his staff, he leaves no one to get to the truth. 

If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, you will thoroughly enjoy this masterpiece.

Now that you know which On-demand movies are hot right now, make sure to binge-watch them over the weekend. So hurry up, get comfortable on the couch, and put on your favorite movie. 

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