Fix: Titanfall 2 Origin Overlay Not Working Issue:

Titanfall 2, listed among the most popular games with a large number of gamers all across the globe. It rarely happens that users encounter any problem while playing this on their PCs. But recently it’s been observed that gaming forums are now getting filled with one common issue “Origin Overlay Not Working Titanfall 2” and users facing this are not few in number.

Gamers from all across the world are looking for some best solutions to resolve this frustrating error and continue their error-free gameplay. For these huge numbers of requests, we came up with this guide list of all best and proven techniques to fix this issue.

As you know Respawn Entertainment developed this best shooter game accessible on 3 platforms- Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and if you are facing this issue in your Titanfall 2 then probably it could be either platform or the game itself.

Well, the most common reasons for this error are- improper Origin Client installation, Origin Cache, software conflicts, etc, and we have discussed each one of these in detail along with their fix.

How do I turn off Origin overlay in Battlefront 2?
How do I turn off Origin overlay in Battlefront 2?

So, Let’s Get Started and uncover every single thing that you should know about the Titanfall 2 Origin Overlay Not Working Issue.

What Cause This Titanfall 2 Origin Overlay Disabled Error?

Origin Overlay is gamers’ best choice which allows you to talk, chat, and of course many more things during gameplay. But when this error pops up, you will not be allowed to use these functions as before.

Knowing its cause is as important as solving it. Below we have listed some most common reasons that throw this Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 issue message-

  • You might feel you have enabled Origin Overlay, but probably you didn’t.
  • Origin Cache memory can also lead to this error.
  • Antivirus software on your PC might block Origin to launch.
  • Your PCs Graphics Card Driver is Outdated or Incompatible with Origin.
  • Origin is not properly Installed.
  • Running any other thirty-party application uselessly.

These are all possible reasons why you are facing this issue. Now, all you need is to know some best and proven troubleshooting methods for this error. So, let’s uncover-

5 Best Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 Issue-

Fixing this issue isn’t always so simple, sometimes you have to try advanced methods to fix this Origin Overlay not working in Titanfall 2 error also.

Don’t Worry! Everything, as we promised, is here, starting with some common but effective methods and moving ahead to some advanced methods to fix Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 issue.

These are-

  • Re-Enable Your Origin Overlay
  • Add Origin To Your Antivirus Ignore App List
  • Update Your Graphics Card Drivers
  • Clear Origin Cache Memory
  • Origin Client Needs To Be Uninstall & Reinstall Again

No need to worry! Each of them is discussed in detail below-

Re-Enable Your Origin Overlay:

This is the very first thing you have to do when such an error occurs. It’s been observed that when your Origin Overlay is disabled, means you forget to enable it before playing on your PCs then you will have to face this Origin Overlay error.

Although it might happen that when you visit your Origin Client to enable it, you see it’s already enabled, in that case, you have to first disable it and then re-enable it again. Don’t worry! We will discuss both here- How to disable Origin Overlay and how to enable Origin Overlay again, just follow the steps listed below –

titanfall 2 origin overlay not working
titanfall 2 origin overlay not working
  • First, you have to launch your Origin Client.
  • Then, click on the Origin Menu located right at the top-left corner.
  • From the menu list, select the “Application Settings” option.
  • After this, select the Origin In-Game option.
  • Now, you have to find and check the enable Origin In-Game option located on the top menu of the open window.
  • Using the Toggle button turn it Off (In case it’s enabled). Again, do the same to turn it On.

To end this process you have to Restart your computer and launch your game again. We hope you are now clear on how to enable Origin Overlay in Titanfall 2. And applying these steps in the right order will probably fix this error. If not, then check out the next method listed below.

Add Origin To Your Antivirus Ignore App List:

An antivirus is software that helps you in safeguarding your device from any viruses or malware. And to do so this Antivirus can even prevent any app from running if found unsafe.

This is also among the major reasons for the Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 error. It’s because your Antivirus can block the Origin application from running on your PC.

So, to fix this error you have to add your Origin program to your Antivirus exception list. And to do this you have to open your Antivirus program and select the app permission option from the main window.

If your antivirus program isn’t responding to your commands and not adding Origin to its exception list, you can simply uninstall and reinstall your Antivirus again.

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers:

If the above two methods fail, then probably your video card drivers have expired or an incompatible outdated version. It’s been observed that having incompatible graphics card drivers can cause many severe issues, including your Origin Overlay Not Working Titanfall 2 issue also.

And in case you have this issue, then it’s most important to check whether your GPU drivers are upgraded to the latest version or not. If not, then the only option left here is to install the latest driver. Here’s how you can do this-

  • First, open your Device Manager by simply entering the command “Devmgmt.Msc” in the Run Box.
  • Now, double-Click on the Display Adapters option to see all the Available Graphics Cards.
  • From the list opened, just navigate on the one you are using currently.
  • Right-click on it and then choose the Update Driver option for the pop-up menu.
  • Again, it will display a pop-up window, on which you have to click on the “Search Automatically” option.
  • Thus, It will automatically search for the Latest Drivers on its official or we can say manufacturer’s website. When found it will automatically install on your PC.

Done! Now try launching your game and check whether your Origin Overlay is again disabling while playing Titanfall 2 or not.

titanfall 2 origin overlay not working
titanfall 2 origin overlay not working

Clear Origin Cache Memory:

According to users facing the same issue- clearing the Origin Cache memory is undoubtedly one of the best and most effective methods to fix the Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 error.

And following the right steps will make it more simple. Below we have listed these steps to clear your Origin cache memory-

  • First, you have to stop all the running Origin processes through your Task Manager.
  • Just after this, you need to remove all the items present under the “Temp Folder.”
  • Next, run the dialog box and enter the command- %ProgramData%/Origin.
  • Under this location remove all other available files and folders except the LocalContent folder.
  • Again, run the dialog box and then enter the %AppData%.
  • Navigate the Origin folder, double-tap on it, and then simply press the Del (delete) Key using your keyboard.
  • Lastly, restart your PC and check if the issue is fixed or not.

Origin Client Needs To Be Uninstall & Reinstall Again:

If all the above-listed methods fail then the only option left here to fix the Origin Overlay Not Working Titanfall 2 issue is reinstalling the app. But it’s not like deleting the present one and downloading the latest one from the web.

There’s a proper way or we can say a technique to complete this Uninstalling and Reinstalling procedure. And for easy and quick understanding we broke this procedure into few simple steps, here they are-

  • First, open your control panel, and then simply uninstall the Origin Client installed on your PC.
  • After uninstalling just move to Origin Client’s official website and download the latest version on your computer.
  • Once the downloading process is done, you now have to run your Origin as an administrator and execute the installation steps.

 Now, it’s time to launch the Origin Client and check if the issue is fixed or not.Hopefully, it will.

That’s all about all the best and most effective methods to fix this issue. Make sure when you choose any of the Titanfall 2 Origin Overlay disabled fix you go through its steps very carefully. But, what do we do to avoid this in the future? Here’s what you should know-

Tips To Prevent Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 Error:-

  • To prevent such error messages make sure you install the latest and also the compatible GPU Card Drivers only.
  • You must have to complete the installation of Origin correctly to play your game without any issues.
  • Before you start your gaming experience with Origin Client, make sure you add it to your Antivirus exception program list.

We hope everything is clear to you now regarding why this error occurs and how to fix it. Well, you should also be clear with some commonly asked questions that we have listed here-


How Do I Turn On Origin Overlay?

To turn on your Origin overlay you have to first click on the Origin menu at the top left corner of the main window. Then from the Origin menu, you have to select “Applications Settings.” Now, click on the Origin in-game tab and if the Origin In-Game option is Disabled then you have to Enable it using the toggle button.

Why is my origin Overlay not working?

For a large number of reasons one major reason which leads to your Origin Overlay not working is a corrupted or outdated graphics card driver. That means you have to make sure that you have an updated graphics card driver. As an updated version can fix unnecessary bugs that might can cause this issue again and again.

How do I turn off Origin overlay in Battlefront 2?

To turn off Origin Overlay in Battlefront 2, just follow these steps-

  • First, click on the Origin menu from the main Window.
  • Now, click on “Application Settings” present within the Origin client.
  • Lastly, you have to change the Origin In-Game tab using the toggle button.

Did Titanfall 2 fail?

You must be knowing that how Titanfall 2 did fill in the blank spot and even was a campaign from the first game. But later it was found that due to the class system the multiplayer suffered from a lack of customization. It was the same reason why the game’s concept was no longer new and it eventually lost the hype.

Why Is My Origin Online Not Available?

Well, the most common and major reason for this is the wrong date or time. When you are with the wrong date or time Origin will pop up the “online login is currently unavailable” error message. That means you should first check the date and time on your computer and then launch the game.

Final Words-

Titanfall 2 with Origin Overlay allows you to perform text chatting, web browsing, and even use other apps during gameplay. However, there might occur a situation where your Titanfall 2 Origin Overlay not working. But after this guide, it will be the last time you are facing this error. Make sure you have gone through each and every point carefully to fix this Origin Overlay not working titanfall 2 issue permanently.




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