Three MBA Specializations That Will Be In-Demand in 2021


    Earning your MBA has the power to transform your career, but it also poses a difficult decision. What will your major be? Moving beyond the realm of general business and finance, a master’s in business allows you to shape the future of your career by achieving mastery in a specialization of your choosing. This is a chance to fully pursue what you’re most passionate about professionally, so the decision shouldn’t be made lightly. How do you know if the major you pick will take you where you want to be?

    These are three MBA concentrations that companies will be after in 2021. The skillsets and knowledge they develop will prepare you to meet the challenges and demands of the modern workforce. If you’re worried about paying for your degree, don’t overlook the possibility that private student loans offer. You can pay for your graduate MBA degree with a private student loan that’s based on your terms and needs. Explore your low-interest options now, whether you’re signing for the first time alone or using a cosigner. The process is fast, straightforward and will give you all the information you need to make the right decision for your education.

    Table of Contents

    General Management

    Managers are always highly sought-after, and a general management program will help you build the skills and leadership qualities necessary to successfully guide a company or team. One of the most appealing aspects of this specialization is its wide range of potential applications; you can pursue a job in any field you’re passionate about, whether it’s education, healthcare, fashion or tech. Some of the primary objectives of this concentration are:

    • Learn how to build effective marketing strategies
    • Develop an understanding of corporate finance and budget management
    • Learn how to handle all elements of business operations, including competitive analysis and growth strategy development

    International Relations

    As technology makes it easier for businesses to form relationships with businesses from all around the world, the demand for well-educated, competent global leaders will continue to rise. An international relations MBA concentrates on expanding upon the skills you already have to cater to a larger audience. Focuses of this program include:

    • Interpersonal communication skills, including conflict resolution and teamwork
    • Leadership skills, including presentation skills and personal development strategies
    • Financial analysis and statistics for international business
    • Political, cultural and economic studies that impact companies doing business overseas


    Anyone who wants to work independently with an MBA or become a leader in the field should consider specializing in consulting. As key influencers in the field, the informed opinions of professional business consultants help companies reach and exceed goals. Consultants can work for large corporations or serve as independent advisors, helping each of their clients build highly personalized growth strategies rooted in empirically supported tactics and knowledge. Key objectives of a consulting MBA include:

    • Business strategy development and integration
    • Asset valuation for both small and large entities
    • Communication skills for consultants
    • Ethics and business law

    You will be able to select individual courses throughout the duration of your program that help you further personalize your specialization and align your education with your professional goals.


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