Things to give up for lent

It’s that time of the year again where many start giving up things for lent. During this 40-day period, while making our preparations for Easter, why not consider getting involved and doing something to better yourself and the world around you. It doesn’t have to be as easy as giving up things like chocolate or wine (although we see this as a bit of a task!), it could be something a lot more meaningful and with a real purpose behind it. Here are some of the things you could give up this lent. 

Things you don’t need

Let’s face it, we all love buying things we don’t actually need. We challenge you for 40 days not to buy anything you don’t need. This could be anything from clothes and shoes to gadgets and other non-essential items. By stopping buying things you don’t need, it may also help you to organise your finances better and save up for the more important and expensive things. 


Something many people love to hate. Gossiping can often do so much more harm than good, so if you love a good natter behind people’s backs, why not put a stop to it for lent and see how it makes you feel. 

If you find yourself saying, “Ugh, my work colleague was so rude today and they did this”, try and transform them into more positive thoughts such as, “They were rude today but maybe they’re going through something in their personal life. Maybe I should check in and see if they’re OK”. 

You might think this one would be easy, but when you can’t say anything negative about anyone else, you soon realise how often it happens, sadly. 

Social media

For some people, giving up social media for 40 days might feel like you’re giving up breathing or the use of your arms. If it feels like that, it might be time for a digital detox! But if it feels impossible, then why not try giving up just one app instead of them all. Take note of how much more free time you have when you’re not stuck in an endless online scroll. You may find you’ve been spending far too much time aimlessly looking at other people’s lives instead of enjoying your own. 

The mess in your living space

Ah, clutter. For some people, keeping living spaces clean and tidy can be a challenge, especially if you have a busy or hectic life. Instead of thinking of it as giving up mess, think of it more as a keeping your space tidy challenge. Take a few moments every day to clear away toys and books, or even your work things such as laptops and cables if you’re working from home. 

Giving up things for lent can seem like a bore, especially if they’re things you love. But by trying to sacrifice some of these less material things, you may find yourself creating new, healthier habits to weave into your everyday life. 

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