The Defense Secretary Of US Announce To Begin Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan

Mark T. Esper, the Defense Secretary of the United States confirmed at the Pentagon, that they have started withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan. It is a stepping stone and an indication of their complete exit from the country by the next 14 months to come.

He revealed further that this step came in effect of the peace treaty signed between the US and Taliban in Doha, Qatar on Saturday. As a symbol of good faith, they were to withdraw the troop within 10 days of signing the agreement. This step would bring down the number of Americans in Afghanistan down to 8,600 from 12,000.

The announcement was made right after Taliban reopened fires towards the Afghan lands spreading fear and panic amongst the people in the country who hoped for peace and respite from the violence.

An Afghan commando was killed on Monday by a Taliban sniper, confirmed Hasibullah Massoud, another commando of Afghanistan. The Taliban forces, in a three-hour-battle, gunned down several checkpoints at the Balkh Province in the north.

US Announce To Begin Withdrawing Troops
US Announce To Begin Withdrawing Troops

Someone from the negotiating team of the Taliban said that the commitment of no violence for a week before the signing of the agreement is over. The agreement states that Taliban forces will not attack the coalition troops in Afghanistan.

Though US officials expect reduced violence over time based on the signed agreement which is also available for the public to read, there is no mention for the same on it.

Esper at the Pentagon News Conference established that the peace treaty is a joint declaration by both the countries and is a first step towards the disturbed political scenario.

Based on the agreement, he said that this shall be the way to stop the war in Afghanistan and is hoping for improved situations from the 10th of March, 2020. The defense secretary also cleared that this may not be very easy to achieve, the journey will be filled with ups and downs. The announcement of withdrawing Troops from the Afghan grounds could mean hope.

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