The Best Laptops For Working Remotely In 2021

If you are one of the millions worldwide attempting to find a way to work remotely, you are probably aware that having the correct technology is critical to getting your work done. For virtually everyone, this implies determining what computer will provide you with the greatest value for your dollars, and the best laptop to work from home.

Bearing that in mind, here is a selection of some of the best laptops for remote work:

ASUS ZenBook 13

The ZenBook 13 is quite a reliable PC. The processing power is more than suitable for multitasking between a variety of daily tasks. It is also pretty ultra-weight, making it ideal for bringing on business trips or moving about a lot on the work.

Regarding connectivity, the computer has USB 3.0 and 2.0 connectors, a headphone jack, an HDMI port, but no Thunderbolt ports.

The ZenBook 13 is a superb all-around laptop, which checks all the boxes for remote working, particularly if you want to change up your work environment frequently. It has a great battery life, is light and tiny, and performs the task.


– Solid performance

– Extended battery life

– Reliable and super light


– Sub-par display

– Keyboard layout that is slightly constrained

Thinkpad E15

The ThinkPad E15 is an excellent choice for remote work that requires high performance and graphics. It has an integrated Intel HD Graphics that propels it to the pinnacle of performance ratings. Despite its look being a bit old-fashioned, this PC still bears the premium badge.

The lid is made of aluminum, whereas the remainder of the chassis is made of plastic. This, nevertheless, does not detract from its overall quality. For remote employees who prefer larger screens, the 15.6-inch full HD IPS display is a suitable choice. Whereas the margins are a little thick, they do not cut into the display a lot.

Lastly, the lithium battery could go for up to 11 hours. This is ideal if you are operating away from a power supply, or do not have a charger.


– High-quality design

– Extended battery life

– The keyboard is comfortable

– Excellent security features


– If utilized for an extended period, it overheats

HP Envy 13

Besides being highly portable, the Envy 13 boasts a plethora of connectors, such as a MicroSD card reader, and full-size USB port, both of which are uncommon on modern laptops. It also features a battery that lasts all day.

To enjoy a discrete graphics card, you must buy the costliest model. Although it comes at a reasonable price, most users will discover that the cheapest choice is sufficient.

The Sure View privacy screen, which restricts what bystanders could see from the side, is an intriguing addition for business purposes. If you need to work on anything sensitive in the open, here is the place to be.


– Exceptional performance

– Lightweight and portable

– Exceptional port selection


– Speaker positioning is deficient

– Loud fan

Dell XPS 13

This 13-inch laptop is created with perfection. From top-quality elements to a small footprint, it also boasts excellent performance from IntelĀ® CoreTM processors of the 10th generation. Everything is designed to deliver optimal strength while weighing the least amount of weight possible, enabling you to work in ultimate comfort.

It is not the cheapest item in this collection, and it is not without flaws. The 4K display is not on par with the MacBook Pro, but it is still worth considering if you would like a durable and efficient laptop that will not hold you back.


– Excellent performance

– Enhanced thermal management

– Great keyboard


– Limited ports

– Expensive

Final Thoughts

You now have a comprehensive understanding of the finest laptops for remote work. There are so many alternatives, so you will have to think about what is most important to you in a laptop before making a purchase.

Fortunately, most of the laptops on this listing are relatively long-lasting and provide warranty choices, implying you will not have to shop for a new laptop as frequently. Best of luck in finding the best laptop to work from home!


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