The best instagrammable restaurants you can consider in Singapore

Currently, people consider several factors when deciding the restaurant to visit for a meal. Understandably, most people prioritize the quality and affordability of foods. However, the growth of social media has forced more people to choose a restaurant based on its level of Instagram ability. If you are searching for the best instagrammable restaurants in Singapore, here are the best ones you should consider:

The Glasshouse

It is one of the most aesthetic restaurants you can find in Singapore. In this case, you can enjoy a slight warmth from the morning sun as you take your cup of coffee. You can pair it with the classic toast offerings at this café. The restaurant has minimalist furniture starting from the ceiling, windows, and flooring. It also has tropical potted plants, perfect background, and lighting for an Instagram photograph.


The Plentiful has three sections: a gourmet market, patisserie, and restaurant. You can head to the restaurant section, where there are several seating options, including tables for two, cozy booths, and long communal tables. All the foods on the menu are cooked from scratch in-house and artfully presented in options such as grain bowls for lunch, colorful salads, granola bowls for brekky, veggies for dinners, and substantial grilled meats.

The Social Space

The Social Space is a cool and socially conscious café that doubles as an eco-friendly shop. This café has a tropical chic décor with colorful tiles, rattan furniture, and huge glass windows that enables plenty of natural light to illuminate the interiors. You can sit down, take an artisan tea and taste sweet treats as you take Instagram photographs. You can also take ethical products to take home, including coffee cups made by special needs people. There are also housewares, jewelry, fair-trade fashion, and environmentally-friendly cleaning products that can beautify your photographs.

Café de Nicole’s Flower

If you want a place to relax with drinks and food and is themed with floral accents, the Café de Nicole’s Flower is one of the restaurants you should consider. You can tingle your senses with three-element at this restaurant, including blossoms, coffee, and desserts. When the florist Nicole Chen established this restaurant, it was only a flower shop. However, when he saw the business opportunity, she expanded it into a full-service café. Several species of flowers adorn all sports in the café, and the floral theme does not disappoint in the foods offered. For instance, the drinks, pastries, and cakes are topped or garnished with flora specifically for Instagram photographs.

Passion café

This brand is famous for its footwear and bags for women. It is a multi-dimensional space that most tourists and locals visit. There is fashionable care that comfortably accommodates approximately 45 guests within this boutique. While you are at this care, you can enjoy a refreshing brewed coffee, pastry, desserts, burgers, and pasta. However, this restaurant that doubles as a boutique set apart is its scenic outdoor seating section next to the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. If you want to capture memorable Instagram photographs, you can reserve a table near the railings.

Kreams Krafthouse

This restaurant located at the Maxwell Chambers provides an autumnal escape with sun-faded leaves. When you step at the Kreams Krafthouse, you will feel like exploring an indoor park. It has varying hues of yellow and orange that decorate the ceiling and maple trees. You can sit down under a canopy of foliage to drink aromatic brewed coffee with freshly baked scones. Other notable highlights of this Korean-inspired restaurant include Dalgona Latte, coffee served with a scoop of ice cream, and Summer Latte that can excite your Instagram followers.

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