Sturgill Simpson says it has been positively tested for COVID-19

Award-winning composer Sturgel Simpson said his test results were positive for COVID-19 this week, he said in an Instagram post.

The diagnosis was followed by almost a month of symptoms, as the 41-year-old singer explained in the office. Simpson said he first visited a doctor with symptoms of COVID-19 on March 13, a day after the promoter stopped his American tour with Tyler Childers.

Simpson toured Western Europe in late January and early February, before beginning the North American tour on February 22 in Alabama. The tour played in the southern and eastern coastal states before stopping on March 12.

Her initial symptoms included fever, chest pain, and blood pressure levels before a stroke, and after about a month without any symptoms, I received a call from the Nashville CDC Center indicating that the test led to a positive discovery.

Sturgill Simpson says it has been positively tested for COVID-19
Sturgill Simpson says it has been positively tested for COVID-19

Sturgell Simpson says it has been tested positively for COVID-19. In a long Instagram post, the voice and anger artist wrote that he received a diagnosis on Friday, nearly a month after the symptoms didn’t appear.

Simpson expressed dismay at not being able to test COVID-19 and return home. On April 6, he and his wife went to a driving test center in Alabama and received their results four days later. His wife was passive.

The Kentucky citizen, who says he is contagious and is now quarantined, has criticized President Trump and the U.S. government’s response. USA To the current coronavirus crisis.

At the very least, our government has appointed a working group headed by a man who does not believe in science against collective testing, and now we have a second working group working to “open America as a reserve for business”!

Last week, Simpson mourned the loss of his friend John Breen, who died Tuesday of complications related to COVID-19. There are so many things I never said just because I didn’t want to bother you.

After all, you didn’t ask to be “John Brain”. Much has been written. It reminded me a lot of my grandfather and sometimes it hurt. I never told you. Simpson’s tour with Childers is tentatively scheduled for April 20 in Omaha, Nebraska

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