Stephen & Robbie Amell ‘Code 8’ Now on Netflix!

Being a full-time superhero leaves little room for cast members on Arrowverse shows for CW to star in other projects, but luckily for us, Stephen Amell of Arrow and his cousin Robbie Amell of The Flash was able to find time to shoot the movie private.

These two have subscribed to a movie to watch, and now we even have streaming options!

Stephen and Robbie’s latest project, a full-length feature film titled Code 8 (supplement to their 2016 short film), officially hit theaters, but this is not the only way to see them. Amell said on Twitter that Code 8 will be available on more platforms than it knew existed.

Stephen & Robbie Amell 'Code 8' Now on Netflix!
Stephen & Robbie Amell ‘Code 8’ Now on Netflix!

You can watch it on Vudu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Google Play from the premiere of the first movie on Friday, December 13. Come back and look at home.

The film takes place in a world where around 4 percent of the population has superpowers, but instead of being revered as heroes like Arrow and The Flash, they are being discriminated against militants.

Later, most of them live in poverty and turn into a criminal life to stay alive, and they don’t allow us to start with the military police unit designed to deal with them.

Ruby’s character Connor Reed is an energetic person. He finds himself tempting in the criminal underworld to pay for his sick mother’s treatments by personal drug trafficker Stephen, Garrett, Lincoln City, who is determined to help Connor improve his powers to serve criminal exploits.

In 2016, when a client’s children first announced the project, the film made headlines after the actors raised more than $ 2 million through an online campaign to fund the project.

His original goal was $ 200,000. Now, fans who have finally donated to this emotional project will be able to see the final project, and also from the comfort of their living rooms!

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