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Effective business promotion is impossible without technology today. It helps to improve marketing strategies and fosters digital innovation. With all that, customers set higher standards for customer services, demanding simpler and easier ways to use them. Once a service is inconvenient and creates much tension, customers quickly switch to a smoother one.

It’s hard for a business to survive in such an environment unless it integrates IT solutions into its development strategy. However, not every company or startup can afford an equipped in-house team of IT experts. For this, many enterprises opt for a simple and effective solution – Software Development as a Service (SDaaS).

In this article, we explain what is SDaaS and how your business can benefit from it.

What is SDaaS?

Software development as a service (SDaaS) is a set of IT services provided by software development companies that various businesses can use on-demand, including:

  • software development services;
  • hiring software developers with narrow specialization;
  • adding some expertise to the existing IT sources and extend the in-house IT team capabilities;
  • gathering an IT team for solving specific IT-tasks.

SDaaS is a type of outsourcing that has its particular features. Many companies prefer SDaaS as it provides businesses with dedicated software development teams that are deeply engaged in their clients’ digital challenges. As a result, they better understand their clients’ needs, making their services more effective and complete.

Why is SDaaS Important?

Digital transformation is one of the main factors that help businesses to develop. Before companies considered digitization, they had only two options – to establish an in-house department or outsource software development to third-party providers. The two variants have their benefits as well as drawbacks.

While an in-house team can provide its company with the best digital solutions due to its strong knowledge of the business’s workflow, outsourcing companies offer affordable prices and extensive expertise.

On the other hand, an in-house IT department requires continuous investments in equipment upgrading and team training. While outsourcing companies may fail to meet all their customers’ requirements due to insufficient involvement in their business processes.

Now, businesses can opt for the third solution – SDaaS. It incorporates the best of the two business practices while eliminating their shortcomings. SDaaS teams attempt to fully understand the business needs of each company they work with and provide the necessary service to tackle their emerging challenges. SDaaS teams ensure that their clients’ systems work 24/7, create digital solutions that successfully meet their customers’ demands, and help them to take bold steps safely.

For example, they will assist their clients if they decide to move their infrastructure to a cloud, upgrade the existing apps with the latest technologies, enhance and automate business workflow, making it smoother and faster, and can help with many other solutions.

Benefits of Software-Development-as-a-Service

Software development as a service is more than just a general outsourcing service. Here are the main benefits of SDaaS:

High-quality standards

When working on a development project, many outsourcing companies are focused on outcomes. It means that they are more concerned about project delivery rather than the quality of a product. SDaaS teams work differently. They attempt to fully understand their clients’ business needs and develop high-quality software that precisely meets the requirements. No communication barriers and effective collaboration with their clients are the things that make SDaaS so attractive.

Systems control

When outsourcing software maintenance, some businesses may run into the problem of availability. Some IT companies can be available only for the time they provide services. On the contrary, SDaaS teams perform daily operations such as data quality checks and system checks to ensure that everything works properly. This helps to reduce expensive downtimes and dependency on the service providers.

Effective scalability and development

In comparison to general IT outsourcing companies, SDaaS teams work much faster when delivering new projects or features. This is because SDaaS companies are aimed at a long-term partnership with their clients. As a result, they know their clients’ demands better and can start the development process much quicker and do it more effectively.

Reduced costs

SDaaS teams can significantly reduce development costs in contrast to in-house and general outsourcing teams. Since they in detail study the industry their clients work in, it allows them to find more cost-effective solutions for the businesses. Moreover, SDaaS companies consider and approve costs in advance. This helps their clients to better manage their budgets and spend them as they need them.

When You Need Software-Development-as-a-Service?

When does your company need to use SDaaS? You can refer to your SDaaS company in the following cases:

  • Lack of IT expertise

When you need a top-level development team to build your own business application. SDaaS experts will thoroughly study the field your business works in and provide you with the best digital solutions.

  • Outstaffing

If your business is lacking a specialist for a temporary position in its in-house team, SDaaS companies are ready to complement your staff with particular technological experts.

  • Long-term and complex projects

Complex and long-term projects require high-quality specialists with a low turnover. SDaaS teams suit well these types of projects as they get deeply involved in the specifics of each business. And in case of any staff changes, these companies are ready to provide employees with an equal level of expertise.

  • Support and consulting

For successful application development and maintenance, SDaaS companies provide their clients with dedicated IT teams. These teams establish close contacts with the clients. As a result, they are always available for extensive consultations and timely support of their clients’ business electronic systems.


For many businesses implementation of digital technologies means effective promotion and growth. In the meanwhile, it also involves additional expenses. Therefore, businesses have to carefully consider which business practices to implement for their successful digital development while spending the least.

One of the most effective business practices is to opt for SDaaS. SDaaS changes the idea of how software services work. SDaaS companies are aimed at establishing long-term relationships with their clients, becoming their IT partners rather than temporary service providers. This way, they help their customers to maintain their business operations at a proper level as well as to develop robust solutions for further business development.

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