Samsung Galaxy Folds Design and Technology

Samsung Galaxy Folds

Samsung Galaxy Fold is a foldable smartphone, as the name implies. It has 17.3 inches at the tablet brand. The phone comes with the capability of either folding or unfolding, which works quite well. If you fold the seven-point three-inch tablet, you display 4.6 panels on the outer side. This allows you to use the Samsung Galaxy Fold as a regular phone and know more about Samsung Fold specs.


If you fold the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it measures 62.8×160.9×17-end one-millimeter hinge. The sagging of the 15.7 while unfolded when the mode of the table is 117.9×160.9×7 of the frame on the screen of the 6.9 millimeters. The weight of the phone is 276 grams. The brand folds, and while folded, it has a thickness of 17.1 millimeters on the side of the hinge and 15.7 millimeters on the side that sags. While flipping the phone on the tablet mode, that side is referred to as the sagging.

Samsung Galaxy Folds The Camera And The Display.

It comes with six cameras. This makes them inexhaustible on each of them, which might be a wish of any other person. However, let us determine the location of each of the lenses and the use. Let us, therefore, consider discussing the cameras in 2, unfolded and folded states of the Samsung galaxy.

  • Folded

Samsung usually covers a 1MP of 10, 2.2f, and 26 millimeters wide, a third of the 1.2 of the selfie camera. It has cameras that usually face you for selfie purposes, and there are 3 cameras at the backside of the camera. They are 12MP, 1.5 – 2.4 of the 27 millimeters of the wide lenses.

  • Unfolded

While unfolded, there are 4 cameras. It has 6 lenses. The other 2 of the cameras are clear in tablet mode. These are considered selfie cameras. They are easily face-able on the folded tablet state. Therefore, it is clear that there are 3-selfie cameras and a deep sensor.

The main Samsung Fold specs

There is a lot of processing power in the Samsung Galaxy Fold, especially on the Snapdragon 855. This is a powerful chip in the process of handling the Galaxy Fold for the unusual design. It has a RAM of 12GB, thus an excellent option in holding the many apps at the same time. The high RAM improves the degree of sensing the Samsung Galaxy Fold compared to the other smartphone brands. The brand allows for the run of the 3 apps at the same time on the unfolded screen. For the storage, the brand has universal flash storage of 512. It allows the reading of the data twice compared to the other smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Folds


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