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When it comes to forming an LLC, brand power plays not an insignificant role. For dozens of obscure providers, their low rates come with just as many caveats, but a well-established service with a regular customer base to back it up is pretty rare.

Both Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom fall into the latter category, offering experience, reliable expertise, and exceptional quality of service. Their scope may be wide, but their more specialized services don’t intersect often.

This LegalZoom vs Rocket Lawyer comparison goes deeper into their respective strengths, so hopefully, you can find a good fit for your company.

Quick Summary

The two are definitely among the most popular LLC services today, topping multiple best-of lists and holding high rankings through excellent customer feedback.

For all their distinct advantages, RocketLawyer and LegalZoom have a few potentially deal-breaking cons.

LegalZoom can register an LLC for a modest base plan fee, but its registered agent is an on-demand deal only.

RocketLawyer exchanges a typical LLC formation service tiered pricing and only offers formation services separately. On the upside, they offer a comprehensive legal services subscription plan that covers everything you will need to keep an LLC service compliant.

Side by Side Comparisons

Pricing (The Main Difference)

LegalZoom’s base-rate formation package is the more affordable option out of the two, although its $79 rate is a bit too high given its sparse contents. RocketLawyer’s $99.99 formation is similarly costly and only implies the filing of your Articles.

But whereas LegalZoom’s higher-tier plans with more extensive features only get more expensive ($329 for Standard and $349 for Express Gold), RocketLawyer gives you a more affordable option in the form of their $39.99/mo premium member subscription which grants unlimited access to all their services.


Apart from basic LLC formation services, both companies support an impressive range of related features, from registered agent service and formation documents to various accounting solutions.

LegalZoom can open business checking accounts, but only RocketLawyer provides professional attorney services. Still, the two will make high-quality choices for LLC formation services if you plan to work on a large scale.


In terms of longevity, LegalZoom is the more seasoned of the two. It started offering online business services as early as 2000, albeit RocketLawyer is no less competent, having launched way back in 2008.

Customer Support

Given how well-equipped both are in the area of customer service, the only significant distinction between them is the hours of availability. LegalZoom’s reps offer help on both workdays (5:00 am to 7:00 pm PT) and weekends (7:00 am to 4:00 pm PT), whereas RocketLawyer only covers standard Monday to Friday between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm PST. Both Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom provide support by phone, email, and chat.

Turnaround Times

Regular registration applications with RocketLawyer are incidental to each state’s processing periods. LegalZoom’s Economy package comes with about a month-long wait, but their Standard and Express Gold are faster, offering 15- and 7-day processing respectively. 

Registered Agent Service

This aspect of entity registration is essential since the state requires a delegate of sorts as a means of contacting your business and making document deliveries.

While both companies provide this LLC service, neither chose to add this option to their starter plans. LegalZoom’s basic plan affordability goes out the window if you need to designate a registered agent since they charge $299 for this feature.

RocketLawyer’s agent will only cost you 149.99 if purchased separately or won’t cost you anything at all with their monthly membership plan. 

Customer Reviews

The majority of customer feedback seems to speak in favor of both companies, specifically RocketLawyer’s ease of use and LegalZoom’s add-ons. Most of the positive reviews for LegalZoom can be found on BBB where it holds a 4.24/5 rating based on 2,457 customer reviews. RocketLawyer’s efficiency is supported by 3,100+ reviews online and a 4.7/5 Trustpilot score. 

Ease of Use

While both websites have pretty intuitive user interfaces, Rocket Lawyer is a bit faster in terms of latency times and general accessibility. LegalZoom is quite slick but it can be difficult to navigate.

Additional Services

As already mentioned, the two companies occupy different niches, so their business services diverge quite a bit. While it’s true that they both offer registered agent service designation, only LegalZoom offers foreign qualifications and gives extensive coverage of personal services.

RocketLawyer is on another level altogether when it comes to legal matters. They specialize in drafting and issuing legal documentation of all kinds, employ and contract multiple business attorneys, and even include an attorney consultation in their premium membership plan.

Which Is the LLC Formation Service for You?

Choose LegalZoom if You Are:

If stringent budgeting is not on your agenda and you prefer to get a full-ride and a week-fast application processing, LegalZoom’s top-tier packages are definitely for you.

Choose Rocket Lawyer if You Are:

If you prioritize legal compliance and plan to draft multiple legal documents throughout the course of your operations, RocketLawyer’s counsel-based services and affordable subscription deals could work well for your enterprise.

Final Verdict

The two are often ranked in the top LLC formation services online, particularly in mid-tier pricing lists. And although Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom are neither the cheapest options, both have a pretty strong brand awareness compared to smaller companies offering LLC service. But if you’re looking for a better deal money-wise, Rocket Lawyer is the best choice out of the two thanks to its subscription policies and professional counsel.

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