PUBG: A Beginner’s Guide To The Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

The sequel to one of the world’s most popular battle royale games, PUBG New State, recently released a trailer highlighting new methods to cause mayhem in the sequel to one of the world’s most popular battle royale games. If you’re as keen as we are, you’ll probably want to improve your PUBG Mobile abilities.

1. Getting off of the plane


If you’re a complete beginner, choosing a drop site is vital for the game’s beginning. When you’re playing single, determining your drop spot is easier because you won’t have any squadmates to follow or limit your possibilities.

Knowing when to drop is the most important thing to keep in mind. Avoid jumping out of the plane too soon onto the flight path, since you may run into the opponents right away. Before dropping, wait for the plane to complete at least half of the flight route!

However, you may need to put in a little more effort to receive slightly better stuff. However, if you’re after a chicken meal, it’s best to avoid taking on your foe’s head-on.

2. Recognizing the objective

Most newcomers try to win the game by charging head-on into their opponents and killing them. This strategy only works if you’re an experienced player looking to improve your skills and assists. Your primary goal as a beginner should be to stay alive. After all, the chicken meal is reserved for the player(s) who make it to the match’s finish.

Of course, in conclusion, you may have to deal with some fierce gunfights. However, the majority of the game should be spent learning how the game works and what specific goals you and your squadmates (if any) should be pursuing.

The key is to stay alive. Once you’ve figured out how to survive in PUBG Mobile’s chaotic battlefields, you may pick up the tempo and play more aggressively.

3. Selecting a drop-off location

Another important point to remember is to descend into safer areas at the start of the game. Varied spots on each map spawn different amounts of goodies. The quality of the prize varies by region as well. As a result, the areas with better loot tend to have more players battling it out.

Aside from that, maps like Erangel and Miramar are known for a couple of spots featuring some of the game’s most intense gunfights. Players are generally swarming Miramar’s Hacienda del Patron and Erangel’s Pochinki to pursue the best loot.

4. Shut the door

When looting, you may enter a building with the door open. You won’t see the opponent creeping up behind you and bashing your head with a frying pan while you’re desperately looking for a weapon or a vest. Your game will be over by the time you figure out what’s going on.

When the match begins, all of the buildings in the maps have closed doors. If you encounter a building with its door wide open, you may be confident that there isn’t much loot inside. There’s also a chance that the opponents are still in the house. Stay away from these structures.

When looking for loot, it’s also crucial to keep in mind that you should close the house’s entrance as soon as you enter it.

5. Putting out the flames

The maps in PUBG Mobile include a variety of terrains for you to discover. Open plains near valleys surrounded by hills are examples. Many gamers will camp inside these structures or on the hillsides, waiting for foes to run across the plains so they can get the ideal sniper shot.

Do not immediately go to a prone position if you’re crossing open terrain and taking fire from a ranged region. You’ll be slower and more stationary in the opponent’s line of sight aiming at you. Begin rapidly sprinting in several directions; do not run in one direction for an extended period. You’ll create a difficult target for your opponent if you keep dodging your way through the field.

6. Expendables

In PUBG, some goods are supposed to be consumed rather than hoarded. This includes pain relievers and energy beverages. These things do not carry over to the next game and do not improve your total stats. So grab the consumables as soon as you can. In emergencies, they’ll assist you in regenerating your health.


Every year, millions of players flock to PUBG. With the forthcoming release of PUBG New State, many new players will join the game’s fandom. As a result, the level of competitiveness will rise.

So, while you’re waiting, why not brush up on the fundamentals? To make a smooth transition to the sequel, use these PUBG hacks. So, ensure you get tolling in the game.


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