Options for facial hair removal in Singapore

In the current society, women are still under pressure to look “perfect” all of the time. There is constant body shaming and judging that occurs in many forms, which cause most men and women to want to conform to what society deems as aesthetically pleasing.

One main aspect that has always been seen as important by society is facial hair removal in Singapore. Men are judged for having uneven beards or not being short enough – whether they shave or they don’t; their teeth aren’t white enough; their noses aren’t straight enough; there is always something wrong with how they look.

And women? Well, certainly not much better! Women are judged if their legs aren’t perfectly smooth (again, shaving or not), armpits aren’t light enough or completely hairless, and then, of course – that they don’t look like a child and they must shave their face too.

It is clear that what we see as beautiful in our society has been dictated by others who feel entitled to say how we should look and, more importantly, how we shouldn’t look.

So what can be done about it?

Well, there are many options out there, such as laser removal (which isn’t covered by the healthcare system here yet), but most people cannot afford this; electrolysis, which can be pretty expensive; waxing, which doesn’t last long; threading, though not very common in Singapore. Or you could just live with it! That’s right, some women choose to just live with that facial hair, but they are judged negatively by others – which isn’t fair.

Another option is to stop shaving altogether. Yes, women can stop shaving their legs and armpits too! If you are one of those women that have decided not to shave anymore, then I applaud you. It takes a lot of courage to go against the norm, but if it makes you happy, then so be it!

But what about those women that don’t want to stop shaving or waxing? What options do they have for facial hair removal in Singapore?

There are actually a few things out there, but the most common way of removing facial hairs for women in Singapore is still shaving and waxing.

Both of these methods have their pros and cons, with shaving being cheaper and easier to use with less lasting effects, whereas waxing is more painful but longer-lasting. Of course, with any good thing, there has to be a bad as well!

. When applying the shaving cream/gel, make sure it is warm and apply in small circular motions. The warmth helps open up pores so that hair can be removed easier and also makes it less likely for the razor to drag across your skin. For those with sensitive skin or who feel they have low pain tolerance, do this step first before applying PFB Vanish.

It’s not just about body hair removal, though – young girls are under immense pressure from the media about how they should look and act, and it can be pretty difficult to resist taking on these new “norms.” Society tells us that we should act like this; look like this; eat like this; talk like this. It’s no wonder why so many people are feeling lost in the world nowadays – because there is just too much information out there for everyone to sort through!

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