Opportunities to the investors after this pandemic. Is it safe to invest now?

The past few weeks have thrown most of our lives into a large state of uncertainty as we contend with a health and economic condition of an unknown dimension and period. However, we all know societies are resilient, full of resource and progressive.

Every crisis additionally, in time, creates opportunities for prudent and self-made great future investment. These may be the bedrock for great future pension and retirement plans.

Opportunity notably awaits people who are underinvested — with an excessive amount of their savings in cash. 

Opportunities to the investors after this pandemic. Is it safe to invest now?
Opportunities to the investors after this pandemic. Is it safe to invest now?

What ought to Indian investors expect from the markets?

Firstly, take the market to fall seriously. Markets due to distressed thanks to the shortage of clarity on the immediate means forward. With efforts around containment rising drastically across the board since the previous few days, if the corona state of affairs comes in restraint before long, we have a tendency to might see the markets retrace some lost territory. Else, we have a tendency to stand the danger of markets slippery into an extended bear section.

Economic recovery and earnings growth in Bharat is probably going to be a touch derailed because the corona scare encompasses a real impact on economic activities in Bharat – travel, tourism, hotels, manufacturers, and services having international dependence and currently even the larger company sector commencing to scale down operations and productivity with work-from-home contingencies triggered.

Moreover, structural problems still persist, though rising on the margin. The money sector has been rocked by one scandal once another, shaking the boldness of investors furthermore as lenders. For a sustained economic recovery, it’s imperative that credit growth picks up.

If we glance into history, we discover anecdotal proof to counsel that terribly sharp market falls do gift an un-resistible chance for semi-permanent investors to accumulate equities in their portfolios, provided they’re willing to increase their investment horizon and last out the intermittent volatility.

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