Maximizing the Benefits of Domestic Asset Protection Trusts With Strategic Planning

Protecting assets from taxes and creditors is a top priority for many high-net-worth individuals. Fortunately, 19 states have now enacted statutes to allow self-settled Domestic Asset Protection Trusts.

These DAPTs offer significant creditor and estate tax benefits without the drawbacks of other types of trusts. But they must be set up correctly to maximize their benefits.

Optimize your plan to get the most out of your tax exemptions.

DAPTs are a powerful estate planning tool that can protect your assets from creditors, including bankruptcy claims. However, they aren’t available in every state, so some workarounds should be considered.

For example, you may set up an LLC in a state where domestic asset protection trusts are allowed and then give the DAPT ownership over that LLC. This will enable you to move the DAPT’s home state while protecting your assets.

The downside of this strategy is that it can be complicated, and you should speak with an attorney before implementing this plan.

In addition to DAPTs, other tools can be used for asset protection and estate planning. For example, a life insurance trust can hold your life insurance proceeds for your beneficiaries and remove those proceeds from your estate for tax purposes.

Talk to an estate planning attorney.

Getting the most out of domestic asset protection trusts requires strategic planning. One way to do that is to speak with an estate planning attorney about the benefits of this type of trust and whether it may be right for your situation.

The right estate lawyer can help you understand your legal options, develop a plan, and ensure you meet your financial goals. The most important thing to look for is experience and expertise.

However, finding an attorney you feel comfortable with is also important. They should be able to put you at ease and make creating an estate plan less stressful for you.

Another important consideration is how you’ll pay for their services. Some attorneys charge by the hour, while others offer a flat fee. Ask for a quote before you begin working with an estate lawyer.

Talk to a financial advisor.

As a financial advisor, you can provide your clients with strategic planning to help maximize the benefits of  Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPT). These special types of trusts are excellent estate planning tools for clients who want to protect their assets from creditors and lawsuits.

Protecting assets from taxes and creditors is crucial to estate planning for many high-net-worth individuals. A DAPT is one of the best ways to achieve these goals, but not all states allow them.

It would help to talk with your advisors and attorneys about all available options. This could include domestic, foreign, and offshore asset protection trusts.

A DAPT is an irrevocable trust established for the benefit of the person setting it, or “grantor.” These trusts are designed to shield the grantor’s assets from creditors and lawsuits while providing them with financial benefits.

Optimize your plan to get the most out of your assets.

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