Lutetium-177 treatment

Modern medicine deals more effectively with oncological diseases every year. The reason for this is the use of more advanced methods of treatment. Today, the success of oncology treatment at early stages has increased by 30% due to modern equipment and new treatment methods.

The high level of medical tourism development allows anyone to undergo medical treatment abroad. To date, you can easily get innovative treatment with Lutetium-177 in the best clinics of Israel, Germany or Turkey.

Lutetium in modern medicine

Lutetium PSMA therapy is becoming more and more popular for men with advanced prostate cancer. This method is most often applied if the tumor cannot be treated with common methods. Treatment with Lutetium is more effective than the conventional methods of prostate cancer treatment.

Moreover, treatment with Lutetium PSMA is very effective in patients with metastatic tumors. In most patients, this treatment has led to a reduction in tumor size. After treatment, more than 85% of patients noted a clinical improvement. In recent years, several thousand patients have undergone Lutetium therapy, many of whom have been completely cured.


Due to the presence of many clinical trials, this method is actively used in the treatment of prostate cancer and demonstrates high efficacy. Most often it is used only when there is no effect from other methods of treatment or when there are numerous metastases. 

The main indications for the treatment of prostate cancer by this method are:

  • Advanced prostate cancer with metastases to other organs.
  • Absence of effect from radiotherapy or surgery.
  • Contraindications to other methods of treatment.


The use of Lutetium in oncology has been studied in clinical trials extensively. The list of benefits of Lutetium in oncology treatment are as follows:

  • In comparison with the common methods of cancer treatment, Lutetium is safer for patients.
  • This method has fewer side effects.
  • This method has minimal impact on the immune system.
  • This method does not require special preparation.
  • The procedure takes quite a little time.
  • It can be used even at the advanced stages of oncology.

Side effects

With the use of Lutetium-177, irradiation affects only cancer cells, with minimal impact on healthy tissues. During the procedure, the patient receives an injection of radiopharmaceutical that binds targetly to the metastases and primary tumor and irradiates them with beta-particles. As a result of the smaller area of exposure, patients have almost no side effects after treatment.

After therapy, patients undergo a series of examinations to confirm that there is no damage to internal organs. Computed tomography or X-ray examination is also performed to assess the effectiveness of treatment.

Side effects after treatment may include:

  • Dry mouth.
  • Headache.
  • Anemia.
  • Weakness.
  • Lack of appetite.

Reasons to choose foreign clinics

Frequently, patients do not have the opportunity to receive TOP-class treatment in their country. For this reason, the field of medical tourism has become so popular in recent years. Patients have the opportunity to undergo high-quality and specialized treatment abroad. The list of advantages of leading foreign hospitals includes:

  • Almost all foreign medical centers have state-of-the-art equipment, which not only improves the efficiency of treatment and diagnosis but also makes it faster and safer for patients.
  • Physicians who work in the world’s leading clinics have extensive experience in the treatment of many diseases, including oncology. An experienced doctor will be able to choose an effective method of treatment for each patient. 
  • Each patient is provided with a modern ward, professional medical care, as well as in some cases, a personal interpreter for the entire period of treatment.

How to undergo treatment abroad

If you want to undergo Lutetium-177 treatment abroad, you will not need to spend much time and effort. Thanks to the medical tourism operator Booking Health, the treatment abroad has become more comfortable.

To start planning your treatment, you just need to contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health. After that, the company’s specialists will choose the best hospital and a qualified physician for you. In addition, during your medical program, you will be provided with 24-hour support from Booking Health, which will make your treatment comfortable and carefree.


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