Lego Piece 26047: Why People Are Warned Against Google-Searching It?

Recently, people are sharing warning posts to not Google-search Lego Piece 26047 on their social media handles. However, even after Google-searching it, people aren’t coming across anything interesting. With so much confusion revolving around the Lego Piece 26047 meme, you too might be curious to know what it is.

About Lego Piece 26047 Meme

The Lego piece has strange similarities with Among Us’ Characters. While the former is a brick by company, the latter is the gaming character. Among Us’ animated characters have different colors for the individual players. When people Google Lego Piece 26047, the results show different color bricks.

About Lego Piece 26047 Meme

The different color brick shown in the Google result has similarities with the Among Us Characters. The primary makers of this meme are Among Us fans who wanted to show other fans something that has similarities with gaming characters.

Lego Piece 26047 And How The Meme Started?

The Lego piece 26047 was simply a Lego piece that finds its origin back in 2016. It was ever since that the non-gamers have been trying to find out why a simple toy piece is creating such rage. You will only understand the meme if you are used to playing Among Us (a multiplayer survival game).

To most people, the Lego piece is a standard toy, with a slightly unusual shape. However, if you are an active Among Us player, you would see it differently.

This is because the Lego piece 26047 has similarities with an Imposter-one of the two roles randomly assigned in the online survival game.

The meme was created back in 2021 by a TikTok named @boyfriend.xmi who recorded himself Google-searching ‘Lego Piece 26047” while reading aloud the text on-screen “when Lego Piece 26047 is sus”. Within six days from this, the video garnered above 223,000 watches.

How To Play Among Us With Lego Game?

Among Us is an online murder mystery game. It has resemblances with the group game Mafia. The game takes place in outer space and features small beings known as Crewmates dressed in spacesuits.

Lego Piece 26047 and How the Meme Started?

The game comprises cartoon violence and during every round, the person who starts the game or host picks the number of Imposters.

The game determines which players will be Imposters randomly. The Imposters try to kill other players to take control of the shop. It is the Crewmates’ job to identify the Imposters so they can throw them off the ship.

Build Your Crewmates

First, it is time to build your Crewmates in various colors. Feel free to build some interesting hats for them. Choose the colors that you want your Imposter or Crewmate to be. You can either choose Blue, Yellow or even Red.

Step 1: Keep two bricks (1×1) along with a stud on side of a 2×3 brick top. Make sure one stud faces out on both the brick front and back.

Step 2: On every side, add a 1×2 brick. Now cover the bricks using a 2×3 plate.

Step 3: Add one 1×2 plate combined with a 1×2 plate with a stud on top known as a jumper plate.

Step 4: Complete the head by adding a 1×2 slope on every side. Now add one 1×2 tile. You can either use a light blue tile or even a white tile.

Step 5: Stack about a couple of 2×3 plates and attach them to the Crewmate’s back to create their backpack thing.

Playing Among Us With Lego

One of the most popular Among Us mods is the LEGO Mod. The Imposters and the Crewmates transform into blocky style from their rounded bean shape. The Crewmates and the Imposters can get piles of LEGO blocks in different quantities around the map.

How to Play Among Us with Lego Game?

Every time they collect more LEGO, they grow bigger. They can even use LEGO blocks to build vehicles and structures.

Despite having access to most of the similar abilities, crewmates find it hard to win when playing the LEGO Mod version of Among Us.

This is because of the new mechanic which lets the Imposters and Crewmates rebuild the fallen crewmates, as long as they have sufficient LEGO blocks in their inventory.

What Is The Meaning Of LEGO Piece 26047 For Among Us Players?

The LEGO Piece 26047 meme starts making sense only when you know how the Among Us game works. The jargon created by the Among Us players either becomes viral across social media or becomes part of memes.

The LEGO Piece 26047 is a uniquely shaped yet popular item in the gameplay. If you participate in the Among Us video game, you will come across various interesting things.

The Among Us gamers have recently shown their obsession with plastic blocks. People searching “Lego Piece 26047” are being directed to a set of plastic bricks and toys that are made by the Lego Group Manufacturers. The word has garnered immense traction as a result of gamers warning each other not to search for ‘Lego Piece 26047”.

Advantages Of Making Lego Pieces In Among Us Game

Playing Among Us with Lego pieces in small groups has been proven to benefit children in various ways. The next time you watch your children make LEGO pieces in Among Us, be assured that they are learning a lot of things.Advantages of Making Lego Pieces in Among Us Game

  • It Improves Your Skill in Work as a Team: One of the primary benefits of making a Lego piece in Among Us game is that it encourages small children to work collaboratively. It motivates them to work in small groups to build some Among Us Crewmates and Imposters together.
  • It Boosts Your Communication and Language Skills: To successfully make Lego pieces, the children ace the art of communicating with each other. They learn how to portray their thoughts, and requirements and listen to each other’s responses.
  • It Helps them To Solve Problems and Become Good in Mathematics: Adhering to the instructions, and understanding the brick’s patterns, symmetry, and quantity help develop children’s mathematical skills.
  • It Enhances Their Creativity and Experimentation: Making Lego pieces is one kind of art and children nonetheless can transform into excellent story makers and creators. Children are allowed to use their creativity and imagination to style Lego pieces.
  • It Teaches them to Practice Patience: Making Lego pieces is time-taking and can help children practice patience, especially when they have to look around for a certain Lego piece.

Why Is LEGO Piece 26047 Causing Some Issues?

The idea behind warning others, not to Google-search Lego Piece 26047 is to promote awareness amongst other fans regarding the resemblance of the brick with the Among Us characters.

This thereafter outcomes in online despair and results in a vicious cycle of confusion between Lego and Among Us game.

You May Access The Following Skills And Abilities

When players use the LEGO Mod in Among Us game, both the Imposters and Crewmates can collect all the Lego bricks they can find across the map. The more Lego pieces they collect, the more their character sprite grows. Everyone playing the LEGO Mod in Among Us will have access to the abilities mentioned below:

  • House: Drop a conventional LEGO house on either the Imposter or Crewmate to keep them boxed for multiple seconds. This will prevent them to escape and help the crewmates to run away or help the Imposters to kill quickly.
  • Rocket: Both Imposters and crewmates can create a rocket if they have saved sufficient LEGO blocks. This rocket zooms off the map and can help them to have a look at every room and select where they wish to go next. The Imposters can also use the rocket to kill the crewmates by crashing into them.
  • Car: If Imposters and Crewmates save sufficient LEGO blocks, they can even build a LEGO car. Using the car they built, they can drive around the map. By using the car to drive around, they can enjoy enhanced movement speed than taking a simple walk.
  • LEGO-Step: Either the Imposters or Crewmates can install LEGO mines all around the map. When the LEGO mine installed on the map is stepped on, the mine erupts, losing all its gathered LEGO blocks. After an eruption, the mine returns to its small size. However, on the other hand, a crewmate is killed when the LEGO mine is placed by the Imposter.
  • Rebuild: As long as they have sufficient LEGO blocks saved, the crewmates and Imposters can rebuild one player every match. However, the rebuilt crewmates aren’t allowed to talk. On the other hand, the rebuilt Imposters turn into Imposters themselves.

The Imposters continue enjoying their access over Kill buttons and Sabotage. Keep in mind that it is possible to rebuild the crewmate by either another Imposter or crewmate if they are traditionally killed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Lego Piece is 26047?

This particular Lego piece is a simple Lego piece that appears in 356 sets, 13 parts, 14 minifigs followed by one gear that was a pencil pot.

Why Should You Not Google Lego Piece 26047?

If you don’t play Among Us game, then Google-searching Lego Piece 26047 is completely useless as you wouldn’t understand anything. For Among Us gamers, the brick resembles the Among Us characters.

How Do I Find a Specific Lego Piece?

You can either use the design number of the Lego piece or determine the color to identify the particular Lego piece. You can enter both the design number and element to check if the Lego piece is available.

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