LaSRS Login At Lasrs.Statres.Com – The All-In-One Guide

Do you want to know hot to login to It is possible that you have heard about LaSRS login but do not know how to do that.

The login process to is not so tough after you go through this article because here, I shall give you all the required information related to logging into But before that, you have to know what is about. or LaSRS portal is the place where one can access the data of the people who are not able to help themselves, like the people who are old, or specially challenged.

What Is Lasrs And Who Can Do Lasrs Login (Eligibility)

There is a private organisation named Statistical Resources Inc. located in Louisiana. Their job is to provide various types of statistical data. They are doing this job for 30+ years. They provide the data of the state offices and other data too. They do this through the website called

LaSRS Login provide data and depending on them, the state offices improve and the people can get the required services from the state offices. serves four groups of the health department –

  • Office for aging and/or adult services.
  • Office of behavioral health.
  • Office of Citizens with developmental disabilities.
  • Medicaid vendor administration. or LaSRS is dedicated to provide those people’s data who are not able to help themselves. The state collects their data to give them a better life or make their living better in terms of health and other issues.

Benefits Of LaSRS Portal

The people who are not able to help themselves, like old-age persons, or physically or mentally challenged people, or persons with developmental disabilities; LaSRS portal is dedicated to give them a better life.

The state can collect these people’s individual data and can give them health services when required. By this way, the state can look after the people who need the state’s help.

Now let us come to the part where I am going to give you all the information regarding the LaSRS sign in process to the

How To Do Login At

Everyone who want to help those people who cannot help themselves through the has to login first to the website to access all their data. And there is a process of doing that. I am going to state that process below.

For your information, you have to fulfil a few pre-requirements. After you do that, here is your steps for the LaSRS dashboard login.

  • Open a device which has an internet connection.
  • Open an internet browser.
  • Type in the official LaSRS portal website address which is and hit Enter.
  • After the official LaSRS page opens, put your login ID and login password appropriately.
  • Now as the final step, click the Log in
  • You have to put the Username and the password you entered at the time of registering on the website to login.
  • You must have to access the website from USA. If you try to open the website from any other country, it will show you 403 forbidden error.

LaSRS statres login dashboard will only open if you are trying to logging in from USA, so if you have any opened VPN service, close it.

How To Register An Account At

Create an account on by following the steps I have stated below.

  • Open your browser only from USA. This is the mandatory field.
  • Now type in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • Find the button saying Register on the page that have opened. Click it.
  • Enter all the required information asked in the form. Generally you have to answer a few questions regarding you are opening an account on behalf of which agency, you have to give your email ID, phone number, select the session, region, and a few other things.
  • Once the verification of the information you provide is done, you can login to the website using the Username and password you put at the time of registration.

Customer Support Of LaSRS

If you are trying to logging in or trying to open an account on LaSRS from USA but still the 403 forbidden error is occurring, then you can contact the LaSRS Customer Support. You can call their customer care no. or can email them on their customer care email address.

All Important Links Related To LaSRS Portal For Login And Other Details

Here I am providing you a few important links regarding the login and other things. You can login to the LaSRS portal if you are in the USA by clicking the link below.

but always keep in mind that you cannot login or even register to LaSRS portal if you open the site from outside USA. It will show you 403 forbidden error if you try to open the site from other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can an individual sign up for LaSRS?

No. if you want to register for LaSRS portal, you have to do it on behalf of some agencies. The information shared in this portal is critical, so it is not accessible for everyone for people’s safety.

2. Can I login to LaSRS from mobile?

Yes, you can download the app of the portal on your iOS or Android mobile and login from your phone.

3. How old is LaSRS? is run by Statistical Resources Inc. and it is providing their service for 30+ years.

The Final Words

LaSRS portal is dedicated to provide the service to the people who are not able to help them due to their elder age, or physical or mental diseases. In short, it is dedicated to help the people who need help.

And that is why, this website is so important to the people of the USA. In this write-up, I have given all the information that is required for logging into I hope this article will be helpful to the people trying to login to this portal.

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