Are you a fan of anime movies and would like to watch them the entire day? Anime movies are gaining popularity with the passage of time and the number of viewers of these movies is increasing day by day. The world is now becoming a fan of these movies. Everyone is now talking about these.

The interest of the people towards such movies is enhancing and therefore it becomes necessary to have certain sites that have an amazing collection of movies. The maintainers of the website have been trying constantly to increase the viewers by providing good anime characters for entertainment.

Anime is considered as a pop-culture originated in Japan. Many of us often get confused with the word ‘anime’ as they think it came from ‘animation’, but the reality is it is originated from the French word ‘anime’, which means ‘lively’.

The first anime series was created by Osamu Tezuka, who was an animator of Japan. The first anime series which was aired on television was “Astroboy” in the 1950’s. From then, anime has gain popularity as the time flies and crossed the borders of Japan and reached to the whole world.

Kissanime-the best kissanime alternatives site is very popular because of the good quality content that it provides and it also has a beautifully designed homepage. The user of this site can find all the stuff on the homepage by simply searching the name of the movie.

Most of the movie stuff is available in both Japanese and English and the dubbed version is also available. The site contains a list of the updated anime series and it is the best site as no registration by the user is required.

The kissanime website has a great collection of anime movies, series, TV shows, and cartoons. All of this stuff is available directly on the homepage and many quality series in HD are available. The anime provided is high-quality content and the site is free of cost to use. Any user can also upload the anime stuff if they wish to.

Which Site Is A Good Alternative To KissAnime? – Some kissanime Alternative Website

the best kissanime alternatives site
the best kissanime alternatives site

However, kissanime is now an illegal website and therefore the ISPs of most countries have blocked the use of this website. But the good news is there are other countries where certain other anime websites are still in use are available for free and are also safe.

So if you’re wondering where can I watch KissAnime, let me tell you there are many websites are similar to Kiss Anime. Most of these websites are similar or better in terms of interface. They have anime movies of excellent quality which have become very popular and have millions of viewers. These websites are as popular as KissAnime. Some of the most popular websites like kissanime are mentioned below-


9anime is one such website that is similar to Kissanime and it has a huge collection of movies and series. This is the most popular website of anime movies too. The owners of the site keep updating the content time to time to provide new and exclusive anime movies to its viewers. But if you want to watch movies in this site, you have to register yourself as registration is required for the user to access this site.

A list of the newest series is given on the homepage and the dubbed version of those series are also available there. The schedule of all the newest movies is uploaded and the homepage is just like the homepage of KissAnime.

A-Z interface

This website is very safe to use. It has a user-friendly interface and it contains a huge collection of movies, shows, and series of animes. The dubbed versions are available here too. It has movies of different genres like adventure, horror, cartoon, romance etc.  The quality of the videos are probably the best, or surely one of the bests. The owners have mentioned about all the upcoming and ongoing series, movies, and shows in the homepage of the site.


The latest series collection of this site is one of the best among all the sites. The homepage of this website is also designed very beautifully. You’ll find the dubbed version of these movies and a list of the series and movies in their homepage too. This site is very safe to use and is one of the best anime websites.

KIM Cartoon

This is another website that is similar in function to KissAnime and the homepage of this website is also very well designed. The website also allows the users to watch their favorite online shows for free. That means, you don’t have to spend a single buck to watch your favorite series, movies, or shows here! Interesting, huh?

The only thing the user needs to do is log in the site or register themselves, for free of course! And that’s it! You can binge-wacth all the contents available there in this site. I have one more good news for you. Every content available here is in HD quality. That means, more quality picture for your favorite content. A list of all the updated anime series is also available in the homepage of this site, and the user can also put in the requests for the errors they face in surfing this site.


If the user is looking for websites like KissAnime then they can try KissManga. This website has a huge collection of new and popular anime series and all of these are provided in the same way as the user can kissanime watch anime online in high quality.

The website is safe to use. The users have to log in or register them on the website. Another benefit of using this website is that the content present online is available in different genres. That means, you can surf among various genres of shows and movies like Rom-Com, Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy etc. A list of Ongoing Manga is also available in the homepage of the site.


This is a website that is designed for all anime lovers. All the favorite anime online here can be streamed in HD quality. The animes are available along with the dubbed version and the episodes of all the series are arranged beautifully. The top anime series is available and is free to use and if the user is looking for similar content as KissAnime then they can try this alternative.


AnimePahe is also a very popular anime website that allows the user to watch their favorite shows or movies online for free. The dubbed anime series is also available on the website and though it is free of cost, the user needs to register themselves and then sign in to enjoy their content.

This is a very popular online streaming website and has all the latest movies and series are available on it.

Kiss Asians

This is a similar website to KissAnime and has the latest collection of series and movies. This website also allows the user to report all the errors that they have encountered during the use of the website.

The user can put in the request for their favorite anime drama in HD quality. It is also very safe to use and if it is not available in a user’s country then the user can find an alternative.


It is also a very popular website and allows the user to stream the content for free, The latest updates of the websites are available and both the dubbed and subbed versions of the movies are available.


This is another top streaming website for watching series and movies online and is very safe to use. A list of all the popular shows and movies is given on the homepage and this is a very user-friendly site.

The name of all the recently added series is also available and the request to put in the movies or series can be put up. It has a huge updated collection of movies and series. But you know what is the best part? The user does not need to register or sign up here to watch the contents! More interesting, isn’t it? That’s why it is one of the best alternatives for watching anime movies.

Anime Lab

This is a similar website to Kiss Anime and is very safe to use. It has all the trending, popular, and recently added series and the movies with their subtitled as well as dubbed versions. The owners have made a separate list for this. Quite helpful, huh?

The movies of different genres are being updated time to time on the site. The user of this site does not need to register or sign up too in order to enjoy its contents. It has a very simple yet very efficiently designed homepage and all the full-length movies are available on the site.

Anime frenzy

Anime frenzy is one of the anime sites who have the largest collections of online movies and series. It has a very user-friendly interface as well. The list of the latest mangas, new animes are uploaded from time to time and the content of this site is updated regularly. All the uploaded content is available in HD quality and the user does not need to sign up for watching the online content.

Anime Land

All the latest series and movies are available on Anime land. Anime Land is considered one of the best collections of anime movies and anime series. The homepage of the website is designed beautifully and the dubbed version of the movies is also available.

This site is very safe to use and the best list is prepared by the team of the website. The user does not need to register or sign up for using the website or for watching the contents of this site.

Is KissAnime illegal?

If the user of a website wants to know about a website, two basic things are to be known. One of the best things is to know about the safety and legality of the website.

If the question about safety and therefore it is very safe to use and while using the site the user does not need to fill in any personal information like the credit card information, mobile number, or anything like that. Any personal data should not be influx and if the legality of the site is very hard to understand.

KissAnime was a site who used to provide hosted links and embedded videos to its users and the users were allowed to stream or download movies or web series for free.

However, the site was accused for copyright infringement, as it was providing content for free, and the makers of these movies or web series were getting no royalty. KissAnime was distributing those contents without the permission from the copyright holders of those contents too. It was providing some contents which are not legally available in India and Southeast Asia.

As the result, people of this region were downloading and watching those contents too, and that too without even spending a single penny! That costs the site to get banned and get shut down permanently. Though all these are assumptions as nothing has been confirmed from the owners of the site.

What Happened To KissAnime AC?

KissAnime, years after providing its users with the latest anime and manga, finally the site has been shut down permanently and it seems that it will be closed forever.

Did KissAnime shut down 2020?

It is a well-known fact that whenever a site is gaining popularity, some issues come with it. This is the same case with KissAnime and nowadays the news is revolving that the site has been down for some time and is closed permanently for the time being.

the best kissanime alternatives site
the best kissanime alternatives site

Some of the regular users of this website are also worried about the reason behind the shutting down of the website. The answer to this question can be provided only from the original site and for now, access to the KissAnime website is unavailable.

Why Is KissAnime Down?

KissAnime once was described as “one of the world’s biggest streaming anime websites”. From that, it became “the most visited pirate site in the world”.

And the word piracy is considered as the main reason for shutting down kissanime.

People make animes to make business, to make profit. As all othet commercial art forms, it has a prospect of business too. makers want to gain profit from what they produce. Now if you get the world’s best animes for free, will the makers of it make any profit?

No! And that’s why the producers were facing losses. Kissanime was uploading contents without any permission from the makers, or the copyright holders of those. They were uploading contents which were not legal in some countries too. They uploaded some contents which are only available in physical media. Obviously when the site came into popularity, all the people of the world came to know about this site.

It is said that it is the new and stricter Japanese Law of Online Piracy that made KissAnime shut down.

But there were other accusitions too. they were accused for advertising contents that contains malware. For all these reasons, finally KissAnime was taken down. But as I said above, these all are assumptions as nothing has been confirmed from the owners of the site.

Some commentators described this incident as “a major strike to media piracy and a blow to the history of anime”. Another commentator said that “the fans are furious in many countries as they really have nowhere to go”.

Which One Is The Real KissAnime?

KissAnime mirror or the proxy websites often tend to confuse the new users as these have minute differences in them. Some of the most common proxy websites include, kiss anime.NZ,, kiss anime. monster, kiss. anime.TV,,,, 9, kiss anime. to.

All the KissAnime users need to know about these mirror websites. These websites are neither legal to use and do not provide the best facilities and features for the users. They can also take in a huge amount of money from the users to give access to the content.

A user should be aware of all these mirror websites because they may transmit a virus in the user’s device and there is only one original website. They should be aware of the originality of the website.

Kissanime ruis not a proxy or mirror website of the real Kissanime and claims to let the user stream all the anime series and movies 24/7. They provide all the latest and the most popular manga series like Death Note, One-Punch Man, and some others.

Which one is the real KissAnime
Which one is the real KissAnime

They upload the new episodes of these series weekly and over 4,000 episodes are streamed on this website daily.

They provide the content in UHD, HD, 4K, and many different qualities from which the user can choose according to their internet stability. The user needs to create an account and then log in to use this website.

What Are The Benefits Of Watching Animes On Kiss Anime?

On the kissanime real website, the user can watch the online anime series for free and the homepage of this website is designed beautifully.

Kiss Anime has many benefits over the other substitutes and one can choose their preference and make a collection of their favorite series or movies.

Another positive thing about this website is that any problem that is faced can be reported and the user can request the team to upload their favorite series on the webpage.

Why Did KissAnime Shutdown 2020?

Despite navigating the piracy laws to serve a community for a decade, the piracy laws from Japan have hit this website. All the files were taken down by the copyright owners and KissManga and Kiss anime closed down permanently.

After years of providing the users with the latest anime and manga, these beloved sites have closed permanently.

Since in recent times the website was gaining a lot of popularity it came under the radar of the copyright owners and therefore has been shut down. Therefore the alternatives of this website have been gaining popularity and the list is provided in the article.

Some Of The Most Faq

1. What is Reddit?

On Reddit, Kiss Anime is available where people put in their queries and get appropriate responses.

2. Does KissAnime put in viruses?

To date, no news of KissAnime putting is the virus has been recorded.

3. What can be summed up about Kiss Anime?

KissAnime is a very popular website for watching online content. The series and movies are available in the dubbed and subbed versions and all of this stuff is available in HD quality. The different genres of anime are available on this website.

If the site is not working or putting in some issues then the user might need to look for alternatives. All the features of this website are similar and if one website is causing errors then they can look for other alternatives.

4. What are the different classes available on kiss Anime?

There are many different classes available on the website. Some of the most common classes are motion, journey, automobiles, youngsters, horrors, fantasy, magic, music, thriller, Sci-fi, sports, thrillers, vampire, samurais, romance, demons, comedy, and many more.


Many fans have been asking if the website KissAnime is legal and safe to use. They also want to know about the correct use of the website and they initially need to understand the website before using it.

This website is made for anime lovers and they should stop waiting and get their laptops and phones and use the website. This website is also available free of cost and has unlimited content.

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