JEE Mains Cut-Off For NIT Warangal 2020

The Joint Entrance Examination or JEE main has been claimed as the most challenging examination held in engineering with regards to India. With the current increase in the number of students willing to put in significant effort and hard work into preparing for these competitive examinations, the difficulty of securing a seat in the critically acclaimed colleges of India like IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and NITs (National Institute of Technology) has become significantly huge.

The importance of cut-off scores

It has become inevitable for any aspirant to work towards the score they wish to achieve with the intent of securing a spot in the renowned institutes, thereby securing their future as well. 

To prepare more efficiently rather than just spending several hours toiling with books, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the functioning and processes by which the examinations and the system works. One of the basic things to know is the cut-off percentiles and scores.

For example, if a candidate intends to get into NIT Warangal, it is vital to keep track of the required trends like the NIT Warangal cut off percentile, deviations, and other factors. This will help in altering their preparations accordingly to gain maximum efficiency.

What is a Cut-off score?

For the JEE Main examination, the cut-off score is the minimum score expected to be acquired by a candidate to appear for the subsequent stage of the examination, which is the JEE Advanced. 

A team of experts calculates these scores by considering several factors like the difficulty of the exam paper, the number of candidates who appeared for the examination, availability of seats in the institute, etc.

The cut-off scores for the JEE Main are released in two phases by the NTA or National Testing Agency which is responsible for the conduction and monitoring of all competitive and professional examinations held in the country. 

The first one is the JEE Main Qualifying cut-off. This score forms the basis of determining the candidates eligible for the JEE Advanced examination, which is held shortly after the Main exam. 

The second cut-off score is the JEE Main admission score, which is taken as the criteria for admitting students by a few IITs, NITs, several other participating government institutes, and private colleges that use the JEE scores as the eligibility factor.

National Institute of Technology, Warangal

NIT Warangal is one of the longest-standing institutes established in the year 1959. The institute was previously called the Regional College of Engineering, which was then renamed the National Institute of Technology, being the first in the chain of 31 NITs in the country.

A significant trivia regarding the institute is that its foundation stone was laid out by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

NIT Warangal stands among the top engineering colleges in India. This statement is supported by several ranks and accreditations received by this establishment over the course of time. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

  • Stands 25th according to overall ranking in India
  •  26th rank in India, given by NIRF 
  • 13th position among top colleges by ‘The Week’ in 2017
  • 12th rank among technical institutes in India by Silicon India

Apart from its significant history, the NIT Warangal is mainly known for its extensive study curriculum, which is why the increasingly competent graduates secure top-notch placements.

The NIT Warangal offers B.Tech courses in eight different specializations and holds 834 seats, including all 8 branches. The cut-off score varies according to each branch or specialty.

NIT Warangal Cut-Off

The cut-off scores for NIT Warangal are released based on opening and closing ranks, which are then further divided based on several other factors, the major ones being Reservation categories, gender, domicile, etc.

These scores form the basis of the counselling process for admission into the college, held by JoSAA or the Joint Seat Allocation Authority. This counselling process is held with a series of 7 rounds. After each round, the JoSAA releases specified rank lists according to the marks secured by the candidates.

The seats in the institute are categorized primarily as seats among Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Other State students, respectively.

Here is the list of cut-off ranks for NIT Warangal for 2020 with respect to appropriate categories and specializations.


Course Name Category Male Female
Home State Other State Home State Other State
Civil Engineering OBC 6191 6018 6191 8303
EWS 3695 3192 5325 4282
General 18565 19088 20782 25044
SC 2794 2808 2794 2808
ST 550 625 844 1187
Electrical Engineering OBC 42740 9755 62382 17691
EWS 13066 5742 32823 8223
General 44157 34012 57403 39807
SC 6106 5037 9274 7636
ST 13106 1040 13106 1978
Electronics and Communication Engineering OBC 32602 7594 56134 15964
EWS 10025 4408 28891 6144
General 34539 25161 51416 33808
SC 5224 4749 8931 10403
ST 10306 1489 27429 3082
Biotechnology Engineering OBC 18472 3951 26993 8124
EWS 6603 2269 7010 3833
General 21644 13191 26561 19855
SC 3301 2802 3301 5508
ST 5783 1100 7150 1403
Electrical and Electronics Engineering OBC 14059 2691 21260 5857
EWS 4856 1376 12935 2871
General 16406 8215 21965 12678
SC 1987 1499 3902 2903
ST 2423 471 13137 975
Computer Science Engineering OBC 46604 14444 54636 19725
EWS 14306 7788 14925 8780
General 49673 43940 49673 43940
SC 7622 8074 7622 10661
ST 14988 3153 29932 3153
Chemical Engineering OBC 46436 2917 56528 18086
EWS 14104 7314 31380 8234
General 44134 41685 59275 47889
SC 7802 7840 7802 11272
ST 16394 2917 21068 4328
Metallurgical and metals engineering OBC 34195 11341 59516 16444
EWS 11081 5872 22782 7604
General 38660 33349 49792 41380
SC 5527 6622 5527 7875
ST 9090 2449 23715 2458



Analysing the cut-off scores are not only meant to help students that wish to get into the institute for the current year. Studying the trends of previous years can also be an effective way to understand ways one needs to improve. It can prove beneficial in adding those final marks to the candidate’s score, which is crucial to securing a seat.



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