How to Use Drag and Drop in Your Design Process

To code or to drag? This is one of the ongoing debates in the field of computer programming. This drag-and-drop tool was actually introduced in 1984 by Jef Raskin, the founder of Macintosh owned by Apple, according to DropSource, a mobile development agency. Interestingly, the drag and drop technique isn’t just used by non-programmers. It’s also used in development where pre-designed elements are combined to design various apps or other software. So, next time you use a collage maker online, like this tool, you can feel just like one of the professionals. After all, everyone benefits from drag and drop by speeding up the design process.

What is a Drag and Drop?

Originally called ‘click and drag’, it’s worth reviewing its features so that next time you download a tool from the web, you’ll better appreciate the possibilities. Not only can you create beautiful photo collages in no time at all but also online videos, ads and so much more for all your social media needs.

  • Data visualization
  • Pre-built code
  • Customizable up to a point

Data visualization

When you make a photo collage, you’re essentially translating data into images and and pictures. All the computer is seeing though is lots of ones and zeros. Once upon a time, only very skilled programmers knew how to speak that language. Today though, anyone can create and edit pictures and easily print them off thanks to some funky coding in the background in your photo editor.

Pre-built Code

Clearly, professional coders still need to write text to talk to computers. That way, you can then apply their product in your own creative way with some customization. All this work is what makes using a collage maker online so accessible to anyone.

Customizable up to a Point

Most collage maker tools offer pre-determined templates and layouts for you to choose from. Then again, editing your photos and final output before you download to Facebook and Instagram is very simple to do. Some collage maker tools even allow you to start from scratch without templates. That’s how sophisticated the drag and drop technique has become.

How to Use Drag and Drop in your Collage Maker Online?

When you make a photo collage and save your final picture, you’re basically using the drag and drop design editor. That’s what’s making the following process simple to use for you and your friends to enjoy beautiful photo collages:

  • Choose a project layout
  • Drag and drop your images
  • Amend the background and resize
  • Drag and drop any graphics or text
  • Distribution drag and drop

Choose a Project Layout

The first step with any photo collage maker is to create a project and choose a layout amongst the collage templates. Most tools offer a grid format although some enable you to be slightly more creative. For example, you might want to have a circular or heart-shaped layout. What about trying to post your photos overlapping in a haphazard way just like the original paper collages? In that case, you might have to pay a monthly subscription fee rather than just use a free online collage maker.

Drag and drop your Images

The fun part of creating a photo collage is dropping your photos into your chosen layout. There’s something wonderful about seeing your images coming together into an overall effect. Moreover, you can arrange your photos into a story, perhaps to show off your wedding or birthday to your friends? Stories are also a powerful approach if you’re using your collage maker to upload ads. That’s because everyone loves a good story that appeals to their emotions.

Amend the background and resize

Naturally, you’ll want to play around with colors and effects such as including a sticker to highlight certain images. Your collage editor also usually allows you to adjust the sizing of your photos and increase or reduce the surrounding frames.

Drag and drop any Graphics or Add Text

Again, your drag and drop tool comes in handy to add any graphics or special font. Although, remember that you don’t want to make things look too busy. Sometimes the best photo collages are the ones that keep things simple and let the photos speak for themselves.

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