How to Use Behavioral Segmentation for Business

If you are new to the business world there are a lot of underused and behind-the-scenes terms that you need to be aware of and learn how to implement. Behavioral segmentation is one of them. Everyone talks about knowing your audience and creating content around them however the trick to doing that is behavioral segmentation. It is essentially keeping track of your customer’s activity and engagement with your brand.

Here is how you can employ behavioral segmentation into your business to target the right audience and get your engagement numbers up.

Study Purchasing Rate

Purchasing behavior is the best way to know which customer is loyal to your brand and here to stay for long. It also helps identify the income group of your customers and their affinity towards your product. There are so many factors purchasing rates can predict, sales being the most important one.

You can identify and break down your customers into different segments and target them with specific ads and promotions. For example, loyal customers can be rewarded and new ones can be given incentives.

Understand The Type of Customers

Every customer starts at the bottom with viewing your product or hearing about it. If they find it interesting they look it up and view price and features. Next, they either ask a friend for a review or read them online. If they choose to buy it, it might lie around in their cart for a while or they will purchase it. If you can understand which stage of this journey your customer is on, then you can attract them with fine-tuned content that will allow you to apply your marketing methods strategically.

Data analysts and marketing strategists do an outstanding job at categorizing and planning. You can get in touch with them by using the help of email finder sites such as The website uses machine learning techniques to find official email IDs of professionals within seconds.

Create Behavioral Personas

The greatest advantage of behavioral segmentation is how it allows you to deeply study consumer behavior and tailor content according to their needs. If you try to sell make-up products on the screen of a middle-aged man then it is most likely that your ad will be canceled and blocked. It is essential to study your audience and throw them with ads that are relevant to them.

An in-depth example would be studying how many times a user looks for a particular kind of clothing on your website and in which size. You can use this information to show them ads with similar products with the landing page to those same products available in the same size. A small discount might even prevent cart abandonment rates!


Behavioral science is being applied in every domain nowadays, from economics to marketing. It is high time that businesses start leveraging technology and resources to better understand human behavior to not only profit from it but also let fellow customers enjoy the enriched experience. Behavioral segmentation is an excellent method to reap high results faster.


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