How to Shop for Medications during the Pandemic

Medications have never been a fun thing to shop for, with prices being so ridiculously high, pharmacies being crowded, confusing places, and so forth. So, it’s understandable that with the limitations and risks involved with the pandemic, this has become an even bigger problem. Medications are even costlier now, due to supply chains being disrupted, staff and pharmacies and retail locations being reduced to skeleton crews, and, of course, the panic mentality causing people to buy in Ford way more of various things and they actually need!


So, how can you shop for medications during these difficult times, and hopefully save some money at the same time? There are some ways, and a year ago, I would expect you to challenge these suggestions out of habit. However, with this being the same solution used for so many other daily life needs now, I expect you’ll be quite comfortable. It’s easy to view products online, with various competitive prices, suppliers, reviews and much more. We’ve done it for everything else under the sun through Amazon, eBay and other online storefronts for upwards of 20 years now. We’ve been doing it a heck of a lot more during this pandemic, and I suspect that even once the pandemic abates, people will still prefer to do most of the shopping and commerce online from now on.


We simply gotten used to the absence of the various public annoyance is that came the shopping in the before time. So, before you go to view products online, let me give you some suggestions on where to get them from, and what to look for. Not only will it be safer and easier to obtain them this way, but it will be, in some cases, as cheap as half the cost you normally pay.


Canadian Pharmacies


Canadian pharmacies are actually a perfectly legal, very viable source for your medications. Due to complex political factors that were not going to get into here, the retail value of medications is considerably lower in Canada. Since you’re not part of Canada’s tax system, you will save considerable amounts of money by purchasing through these entities, where Canadians are still paying just about what you are through their taxes.


It is completely legal to do this, though you should expect a slight markup due to importing things across international borders. It will still be considerably cheaper than medications in your local pharmacy, especially right now.


Shop for generics first!


Generics are a very viable way to save money. When it comes generics, when you go to view products at an online pharmacy, you’ll be presented with just about every medication you could need, just with minor cosmetic differences and an even stranger name associated. Most of these pharmacies have systems to help you search for a brand-name medication, while giving you generic alternatives.


These medications are identical in all the important ways to their brand-name counterparts, the only major difference is being cosmetic and in naming. The doses should even be identical.


With these two strategies, you’re eliminating your exposure to crowds, getting around the supply chain problem, and saving up to half the price on your medications. It’s a shame that it took a pandemic for us to all discover the better way of living that can be obtained through channeling most of our efforts over the Internet.

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