How to save on the cost of your Electricity in Singapore 

Today, everything seems to be getting expensive, including the electricity bill. The good news is that several ways can help you reduce money on your electricity bill. By using these tips, you will still enjoy electricity in Singapore but effectively.

To start with, when buying electric appliances such as air conditioners, lamps, refrigerators, washing machines, among others, many people tend to go for the cheaper options, but this may cost you in the long run. It is important to consider buying more expensive appliances but consume less energy, especially if you are planning to use them often. The National Environment Agency made it possible to find energy-efficient appliances. It is advisable to look for a green tick label on the lower part of the appliance when purchasing one. That being said, let’s consider ways through which you can save the cost of electricity at your home.

  • Select an ideal electricity supply suitable for your household needs.

The liberalization of the electricity market in Singapore has enabled household owners to enjoy substantial savings off their monthly bills. In addition to choosing a reliable electricity retailer, it is also advisable to understand the available electricity price plans that will meet your household needs. If you live on a tight budget, you should go for fixed-price plans because they will allow you to pay the same electricity bill regardless of the changes in the regulated tariff.

  • Exercise good refrigerator habits

Minimizing energy consumption for your fridge calls for creativity. You can regulate the temperatures inside the fridge more effectively if you keep it fully stocked. If there is not enough food to fill up the fridge, you can use bottles, jugs, or anything else to fill up space. The electricity consumption for a fully stocked fridge is less than that of a half-full fridge.

Electricity in Singapore

  • Ensure that there is an inch between the wall and your refrigerator

It is hard to believe that you can save up to forty percent by just moving your fridge from the wall. Leaving an inch is also beneficial because you can easily access the condenser coils and remove any accumulated dirt, grime, and dust that could be making your fridge work overtime, thus reducing energy consumption.

  • Ensure that your air conditioner temperature is 25 degrees

After getting home after a sunny hot day, most people tend to turn on the air conditioner to full blast. This may indeed be the quickest method to cool your room down, but it is also the fastest method to consume energy. Instead of turning your air conditioner to full blast, consider turning it to 25 degrees and use a fan for two or three minutes that follow. The fun will assist you in distributing the cold air coming from your AC evenly in your house, and eventually, your house will be cool without consuming lots of energy.

  • Make sure your appliances are off if no one is using them.

If they are not off, appliances continue to consume energy even if no one is not using them. Some of the common household items that people tend to leave on even when not in use include computers, water heaters, televisions, and internet modems. Turning off these items from your PowerPoint will be much better since it will ensure no electricity wastage.

The above-mentioned tips can help you save on electricity bills. They are not hard to implement. You can make use of them and increase your savings.



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