How to remove Avast signature from Gmail?

Some people often ask “How to get rid of Avast’s email signature?” They ask such questions because they are tired of the automatic email signatures. Some get so frustrated that they get on the brink of uninstalling it. 

We know that it seems unprofessional to send such emails to your clients.

Yes, Avast is indeed the best antivirus program, but sometimes, it can be as irritating as hell, you can check MyAssignmentWriting and register there for free.

After the recent update, Avast inserts footer advertising of its brand at the bottom of your outgoing emails. That Virus-free message lets your receiver know that your email is safe from any kind of malware.

We know that email protection is important, but this antivirus takes things to another level and adds an email signature on your outgoing emails. Seriously, it’s an ad attack! Avast acts like one scallywag, which gives us a headache, said John O. from SuperiorPapers.

Nobody wants to tell every recipient that their message has been scanned. So if you want to turn off Avast’s email signature permanently, then you have come to the place to find your answers. Here you will know how to turn it off forever.

What Is an Email Signature?

How to remove Avast signature from Gmail?
How to remove Avast signature from Gmail

If you are familiar with antiviruses like AVG and Avast, then you must know what is an email signature. Basically, it is a short one-line message inserted in your email without your permission. 

The text won’t be sent with every email, but there is no way to trace its pattern. Some people hate such free ads, which later become a headache. So they would like to get it removed rather than seeing it every time in their sent emails. 

Let us move forward to the other section of this article, which will show you how to remove it easily from emails.

How to remove Avast signature from Gmail?
How to remove Avast signature from Gmail

Now that you know what kind of problem you are dealing with let us find out how to remove Avast’s e-mail signature once and for all. It can be time-consuming for those who don’t know their way around the Settings menu.

But fret not, because we are here to help you. By following our step-by-step method, you will surely save your time and turn off Avast email signature. And yes, this is the only way to stop the signature from popping up in your email.

So here is our simple yet friendly guide on how to disable/remove Avast email signature from outgoing emails.

Avast remove email signature

How to remove Avast signature from Gmail?
How to remove Avast signature from Gmail

We have mentioned our step-by-step method below.

Step 1:

According to best essay writing service uk, firstly, find the Avast icon and right-click on it. You can find it in the system tray. Then, click on the Open Avast user interface. Be patient and wait for a second for it to open.

Step 2:

Now, you have to go to the top right corner and click on the Menu. Then, you will navigate to the gear icon, and through that, you will have to go to the settings option for Avast.

You will find that option at the top right section of the user interface. If you are unable to find Menu, then you can see a cog icon or a settings style gear instead.

Step 3:

Now, in the settings panel, make sure you are in the General section. Then, click on the check box that says “gaming mode” or “silent mode”. You are not done yet, so don’t celebrate!

Step 4:

You will have to find the setting for Enable Avast email signature and uncheck the signature. 

Step 5:

Then below the General section, you will find the Active Protection tab. After clicking on it, you will find a Core Shield tab.

Step 6:

In the Configure Mail Settings, click on the Mail Shield option. You will find a section called Customize, just tap on it.

Step 7: 

Now, you will have to click on the Behavior tab. We are very close to our victory now!

Step 8:

Then you will find a checked box next to Add a signature to the end of sent emails. 

Step 9:

It is the final step to remove the email signature from your email. When you find it, uncheck it immediately. That’s it! Finally, you won’t see any annoying messages in the future.

Step 10:

Now all you have to do is send a sample email, and see for yourself that it worked.

So finally, you just learned how to get rid of Avast’s email signature forever. You won’t have to deal with this annoying feature anymore.

We know that removing Avast is a bit tricky, but it is not impossible. Moreover, it will hardly take few minutes to disable this feature.

Wrapping Up

Avast automatic email signatures are pretty annoying. It can get very frustrating, and we can feel your pain. If you are not getting paid for the signature, then why should you allow free ads to be shown on your emails? Make sure to remove this antivirus email signature as soon as possible. If you want to change your anti-virus software, then we suggest you go for other brands like Bullguard, Norton, TotalAV, McAfee, as well as PC Matic.

We hope you found our article helpful. If you did, then do not forget to share it with other people who are looking for help. Check back with us daily.


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