How to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Remodeling any part of your home involves quite an emotional investment. But there’s a financial investment involved too, to say the least.

The average cost to renovate a house ranges from $20,000-$30,000. Out of that range, about $5,000-$15,000 goes to the bathroom renovation, making it one of the most expensive parts of the home to upgrade, next to the kitchen. Why? The project requires extensive plumbing work, which can easily drive up the costs. 

Although it may seem like a significant amount, the return on investment makes it all worth it. Statistics suggest that you may recoup at least 65% of that cost back in the resale value of your home. What’s even better is that there are ways to minimize the costs of a bathroom remodel.

How to Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel 

With bathroom remodeling, no two things will cost the same. For example, the cost to replace bathroom vanities will be cheaper than the cost to replace showers or bathtubs. Understanding such differences will allow you to minimize changes and cut corners, where possible. 

Start with a plan

Jumping into the bathroom remodel with no plan is a sure way to spend money more than you can afford. For example, there is a set layout in the bathroom and if you wish to change that, it will cost quite a bit. Laying out a clear plan is necessary to know how much you will be spending. It will also help you avoid mistakes that would be more expensive to rectify. 

Keep your existing layout

Moving objects that are not readily movable like pipes are by far the most expensive aspect of a bathroom renovation. If you want to save money, design around the existing layout. But, don’t do that if the shower, sink, and toilet are already awkwardly positioned—even the finest finishes cannot disguise that. 

Repair, don’t upgrade

It’s not all the time when the existing fixtures require replacement. Sometimes, all they need is a bit of a refresh. For example, instead of replacing the existing toilet, try swapping out its lid and seat. It should save you a few hundred dollars for a new one, plus supplies and the labor costs to install it. 

Opt for less costly alternatives

Assuming that the most expensive options will give you the best results is not always accurate. A case in point is the use of prefabricated bathroom vanities instead of custom-made ones. They are just as beautiful and durable but without the additional costs involved in purchasing the materials separately from various vendors and hiring a contractor to build them for you. What’s more interesting is that they are available in an array of dimensions, styles, color schemes, and prices, giving you a wider pool to choose from. 

Don’t skip hiring a licensed contractor

This is a corner that you wouldn’t want to cut. While it may seem counter-intuitive, hiring a contractor from the beginning will help you create a solid plan and set a realistic budget, all of which can save you from making costly mistakes. Sure, with a few household tools, you can probably take on projects like laying tiles, painting walls, and installing a bathroom vanity. But it is a completely different case when plumbing works, electrical wirings, and other advanced activities are involved. Let the professionals do their job instead.

Be wise when remodeling

The cost of a bathroom remodel is hardly set in stone. Several factors dictate its final price, including your location, the bathroom’s size, your choice of fixtures, the contractor you hire, and how significant the changes will be. 

But, what’s certain is that even with these cost-saving measures in place, you should be ready to shell out a significant amount of money to complete the project. As a final thought, the most recommended way to save on renovations is to batch the projects together to save on labor and materials. If you have two bathrooms that need renovating, it will cost you less to do both at the same time than to delay the other one. The same goes for other projects, like a kitchen remodel or any other repairs in your home.

You can also consider tiling just around the fixtures and paint the rest of the room. While a cheaper alternative, a new coat of paint can completely remake the look and feel of a bathroom.


There’s a lot of work involved in remodeling your bathroom, and these are just a few ways to save money. Do your research as a thoughtful design contributes to long-term satisfaction. 

If you have recently completed a bathroom remodel, we would love to hear a few tricks on how you saved money. Get in touch with us by leaving a comment and share this article with your friends, too! 

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