How To Pursue A Career In Journalism

The art of finding the truth might be the work of New York’s finest, but the credit for bringing that unfiltered truth in front of the masses goes to the brave journalists.

So, if you wish to pursue a career in journalism, you should know that there will be obstruction down the lane, and you have to put on a really brave front to confront everyone.

First, because that is what the job entails!


Second, with your license as a journalist, you have every right to do so.

This is one of the reasons why many get very excited about the prospect of journalism. The best part is that there is no fine age to pursue journalism. Yes, it will give you a leg up if you do not waste your time after high school and immediately start your higher studies.

However, that is something you can achieve whenever you want only if you have the zeal, and the thirst for political-socio-economic knowledge, with a dash of crime in it.

Are you yet to enroll in a college, then do not waste your time and start perusing through books and research papers.

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Signs That Journalism Is The Path For You

The first thing you need to do in order to pursue a career in journalism is to understand whether journalism is the right path for you?

Here are some of the crucial signs that you are meant for the hustle.

You are Unbiased: Have you ever tried to give an opinion to someone? Did you morph into the highest form of critical thinking and try to give your unbiased, non-judgemental, and property-evaluated opinion? Then this is the field for you.

Attention To Details: You are not just analytical, but you have strong attention to detail. One might miss them, but they do not miss your eyes.

Curious: Not just any curious; you are more intellectually curious and want to be in possession of all the facts.

Energetic: You will have to run from one corner of the city to another in search of the best news and be the first one to get them. If you are extroverted and energetic, you have chosen the right path.

How To Pursue A Career In Journalism

Here is how you are going to pursue a career in journalism.

1. Undergraduate Courses

Find the best colleges which provide undergraduate courses in Journalism and Mass Communication. Do not go for sp[ecioalization now; you will need to gain extensive knowledge on the subject first.

Plus, these undergraduate courses will be able to give you much-needed practical knowledge on the subject.

2. Find Your Niche

Once you start attending classes in college or through distance education, you will come across many subjects within the subject. Some of them are print journalism, radio journalism, news reporting, writing for print, etc.

Your job is to do in-depth exploration and see which suits you the most.

3. Take Extracurricular Training

During your course, you should take extracurricular training, which will make you more ready for the camera. For example, if you are planning on pursuing journalism as a news anchor, then you need to hone skills like reading from a tele promoter or improvising words on camera.

Plus, you also have to learn how to conduct live debates.

4. Get Into Internships

From your second year onwards, you should get into as many internships as you can. This can also include becoming understudies for individuals who have been working in the field.

It is these contacts that will help you secure a good job in the future. Plus, your experience list will be impressive.

5. Get A Masters

After your graduation, this is when you pursue the niche which you have picked. You shouldn’t go for journalism as a whole in your master’s. Rather picking a specified master’s program or a diploma course would be more helpful.

All The Best!

Journalism is an excellent field to pursue your career in if you put your head and heart into it. It is not just about studying; it is about taking up the responsibility and exhibiting the ethics which will make you a good journalist.

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