How to prepare for International Mathematics Olympiad for class 5th

Class 5th is the standard where parents or teachers can develop the right competitive spirit in students. The IMO exam for class 5th is the right way to develop it. Not only the competitive spirit but also developing the right abilities to learn the basics and important concepts of Mathematical reasoning and logical reasoning. Once the students start taking interest in the subject via the Olympiads it will be much easier for them to continue the enthusiasm for the subjects even for higher classes. The IMO is conducted at three levels which indicates the level of competition that tends to get a bit difficult with each level. So, if you want your child or student to be a participant of the same, make sure that the child is drawn towards it.

The IMO exam for the class 5th student is based on the syllabus prescribed by CBSE, ICSE and other boards hence undertaking the exam will only ensure stronger conceptual clarity at the studies. However, it is always a good idea to help children develop an interest in studies with these Olympiads. The olympiads are like a challenge that encourages students to perform better and study well. Hence, motivating students to attend IMO is a good deal. Also, Maths is an Important subject and gaining right interest and perspective in it is really helpful for students.

Here are a few suggestions that can help to score well in an IMO exam:-

1.Understand the pattern & structure of IMO

Before starting the preparations for the exam, it is important to know the structure and pattern in which the exam is set. Without knowing these it will not be possible to prepare for the exam. The exam is divided into four sections namely Logical Reasoning

Mathematical Reasoning, Everyday Mathematics and Achievers section. All these sections are important to ace. One can check out the types of questions asked previously. It is also important to note that all the sections have different marks. The mark scheme is Logical Reasoning is for 15 marks

Mathematical Reasoning is for 20 marks

Everyday Mathematics is for 10 marks and Achievers section is for 15 marks. Knowing the in-depth syllabus, topics and sub-topics of each of the subjects is important. So it is crucial to know them all

2.Go through the previous year questions

What is also needed is an analysis of the above listed 4 sections. This is because one should know how to solve the paper properly. Previous year papers and Class 5 IMO Question Paper 2016 can make a huge difference in studies. Also, the difficulty level of the paper is an important task that can be achieved by going through these previous year question papers. Another thing one can do is pick up previous year papers once you are done with the full syllabus of the exam. Solving the previous year questions is an effective way to revise and know the questions that are repeated frequently. For best results, it is good if you maintain a file or a folder that contains previous year papers so at the end you don’t have to end up searching for them all everywhere.

3.Take only good books for reference

What else is needed to ace the exam is good books. Reference books can help you to clarify your doubts and understand the concepts with better and stronger clarity. NCERT books suggested by CBSE, ICSE and other state-level boards are good for this purpose. These books are sufficient for the exam and parents should refrain from buying plenty of other costly books as this will only make the student feel burdensome and discourage them from losing interest not only in the olympiad but also in their studies. It is important to tell and encourage the students that the Olympiad is easy to crack and will not take much of their effort. This way it will help them to ace the exam easily

4.The Health & Mental health of students should be taken care of 

Since 5th graders can feel nervous and tense easily it is better to make sure that any type of competitive cam does not cause ill effects to their health. Overpressure can also make them feel demotivated and fearful towards studies. Parents and teachers should only encourage the students that have a genuine interest in the subject. Other students can be made to develop an interest in the olympiad and only then be made to prepare for it. Also eating healthy, exercising and playing is important for scoring well. Hence make sure that the child is doing all other activities to remain fit. Overall the mental health of the child should not suffer as age is crucial for developing good mental health and also interest in studies

5.Make rewards at Olympiad a motivation 

The olympiad is conducted at the four levels as we know. Cracking these levels can be bit t

challenging for which a good dose of encouragement is needed for students. Encouraging and motivating students in the right direction will help them to take interest in their studies as well as prepare well for it. One way to do this is to let students know about the valuable prize attached with clearing the exam. cash awards, gifts, certificates & medals. These are a few rewards that are beneficial for students. Motivating students to grasp these rewards can add to the dose of feeling motivated to do the exam. The 5th graders would generally need such encouragement from school and parents. So instead of just asking the student to study for the exam, it is best to ask them to set goals on rewards


IMO is a good step for students and their future. Schools and parents should help students to work towards this. The interest in studies is retained and students develop the right abilities to perform well in the subject. It should also be known that students must be encouraged to develop the right competitive spirit and not compare their performance with that of their school friends. Peer pressure is not at all good and will only pull down the confidence of students. Hence taking the competition healthily is most important.


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