How to play Valorant with tips and tricks

Valorant is one of the most preferred FPS games at the moment. The game has exciting features, and it requires pro tactical skills. Also, this competitive first-person shooter gun game is quite different from games in the same category.

Therefore, you must learn some insider tips and tricks to make your way through the constant attacks. While practicing and learning skills will help you win the game, taking the help of some of the best Valorant hacks will ease out your job a lot. 

For now, let’s focus on the insider tips and tricks you should follow while playing Valorant. These tips are tried and tested by pro players and will help you finish your rivals in the game. So let’s get started- 

Select the right agent 

Valorant features a set of agents with unique capacities. All these agents have their unique playing tactics, and players need to choose one according to their playing style. 

It’s crucial to select the right agent so that you know how to put their skills to optimum use. Therefore at the beginning, you will have to try playing with a few different agents to figure out which one’s playing style matches you the most. 

For example, if you like playing aggressively, you should go for a Duelist. If you like to play defensively, you should pick either a Sentinel or a Controller. 

Know when to pick a fight 

Although Valorant requires you to fight actively and be aggressive, you should not pick fights without judging the scenario. You need to know when to pick a fight and when to avoid it. 

Strategize your moves and be patient. You should always try to catch enemies off-guard and play undercover. Being strategic and smart is what will take you to victory. 

Go through the game’s mechanics

There are unique features of the gun game and special abilities of the agents; you must learn the game mechanics. You need to learn the game tactics as well as the agents’ features. 

Knowing these features and technicalities will help you understand the game better. You will learn the game mechanics when you practice more in the game. You can also learn the skills by seeing experienced players playing more often. 

Stay connected with the team 

Valorant is a teamplay game, and every member of the team needs to play their role equally. Stay connected with your squadmates all throughout the game and coordinate with them. 

Support each other and warn them immediately whenever you sense any danger. Also, strategize your game plan with the squad before starting the game. 

Work on your aim 

This is one of the vital aspects of playing FPS games like Valorant. You need to work on your gun aim. To improve your aim, you should invest time in the Deathmatch game mode or in the Practice Range. Also, try to aim the crosshair always at the enemy’s head if your aim is to get the most damage. 

Don’t move and shoot together 

Shoot accuracy is lowest when you move and shoot at the same time. Guns can’t shoot straight at your aim when you are not still, and it will only make your position more vulnerable in front of your opponents. 

However, it does not mean that you will only have to stand in a particular position all the time. While marching forwards, you should stop and shoot and follow this technique. 

Manage the money 

At the beginning of the round, if your team holds more than 3,500 credits, you should only focus on getting low-budget weapons. This is called the eco round. There is no point if some of the team members have high-value equipment and a few others have low-value equipment. 

The team won’t be synchronized in terms of strength. Hence, it is better to have an equal level of weapons based on the money you have. The maximum money one can have mid-match is 12,000. If any member of the team is approaching this figure, you can ask them to buy weapons for you by requesting them from the buying menu. 


Here is a wrap-up of some of the top tips and tricks to play Valorant. Hopefully, you were able to learn a few insider tips through this guide and apply them in your upcoming games. For more related updates, stay tuned!

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