How To Make Your Arcade Bar Stand Out From the Competition

When it comes to bars, customers expect the basics, such as good beer to quench their thirst and the right amount of entertainment. When it comes to arcade bars, the customers expect a little bit more. They expect more entertainment, more drinks, and fun events. If you’re looking to make your arcade bar more interesting for your clients, then you’ve landed on the right article.

Here are some ways to make that happen.

One of the first things you’ll need to do to make your arcade bar stand out among the crowd is to incorporate current gaming trends into your business. While you can host classic or vintage games, it’s important that you stay on top of the latest games and know the scoop about the current gaming scene. You will need to know what your clients are currently playing, what they want to play, and when they want to play.

You can learn about these things at Hotspawn will keep you updated on the latest esports trends, news about famous gamers, and even popular energy drinks that gamers love and sponsor. With Hotspawn, you can stay ahead in the gaming community and get ideas for your business’s services.

Offer unique and popular drinks and snacks.

Likewise, you’re going to want to offer unique drinks and snacks that your gaming community will enjoy. As you already know, gamers enjoy modding things and discovering novelties within the gaming industry. So follow this model and impress them with locally made cocktails inspired by their favorite games like League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota. Additionally, be sure to include beers they’ll enjoy as they play their favorite games, such as an American light lager, IPA, pale ale, and even German pilsner.

Host your own community events.


Moreover, you’re going to want to host your own events so your community can benefit from your entertainment. For example, you can host esports tournaments and offer grand prizes for the winners. You can also show live streams of esports events to attract more customers that will want to hang out at your arcade bar as they enjoy watching the game. Be sure to create and publish a schedule of your activities and advertise it publicly so people know they can watch their anticipated upcoming live events at your bar.

Get involved with local charities.

Additionally, you can get involved with local charities to spread the word about their work as well as your business. Local charities can be anything from animal sanctuaries, cancer foundations, and homeless shelters. You can partner up with these entities and create your own specials based on their specialties. For instance, you can designate a day every month to dedicate part of your profits to a specific organization. You can also host an animal adoption activity in which, with the purchase of their favorite drinks, your clients will be able to adopt a pet and get a small bag of food or free vaccinations for their new pets.

Create gaming and drinking packages.


Lastly, you can create gaming and drinking packages based on different games and genres. For example, you can come up with a group package that will give your customers access to multiplayer games and discounted prices on buckets of beer. Likewise, with the purchase of a game-themed cocktail, they can get one free play on their game choice. The idea here is to be as creative as possible to provide your client with unbeatable customer service and a whole gaming experience that they will never forget and share with the rest of the world.

Feel free to use these ideas to launch your arcade bar further into success.

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