How To Make a Bong or Pipe With Household Objects

When you find yourself in a pinch and you don’t have anything to smoke from, don’t fret. Chances are that there’s someone else in your exact same shoes who found new and innovative ways to tackle the issue of not having pipes or papers within reach. If you’re in a bind and don’t have anything on you besides your dry herbs, here are a few ways you can make a bong or a pipe with household objects.

Craft your own gravity bong using some craft items and plastic bottles.

If you’re an avid smoker, you likely need something a bit more suitable for your needs. The average bong or pipe simply won’t do. In this case, you can craft your own gravity bong using two plastic bottles (one smaller water bottle and one, two-liter bottle), a piece of aluminum foil, a box cutter, and a sharp poking instrument to make holes in your homemade bong. Once you have all of your instruments in place, cut the upper portion of the two-liter bottle off and fill it with water. Then, cut the top of the smaller bottle off and remove the bottom portion. Poke holes in the aluminum foil and the bottle cap so that there’s enough airflow without allowing the dry herbs to fall through.

Once everything is assembled to make your contraption, place your herbs in the aluminum foil on top of the bottle cap and place your smaller bottle into the water so that it’s partially submerged. Light your choice of herb and allow smoke to gather below in the area where no water has gathered, pulling out slightly to allow more smoke to fill the smoke chamber without letting it out of your small bottle. Once you have enough smoke, carefully remove the bottle cap, hold the mouthpiece to your lips, and push down on the bottle to force the air into your lungs. Now you have a completely new smoking experience with goods you can find around the house.

If you love your homemade gravity bong but want something professional, you can always shop around for a real glass gravity bong that you can use at home. A glass bong will preserve the flavor of your smoke and give you a greater amount of smoke and control over your session. Top brands like Gleeb, Stündenglass, and Everyone Does It have made some excellent gravity bongs that will allow you to clear the entire bowl in one hit. Once you have your own, you will never have to make your own again!

Use an apple to make your own pipe.


Let’s imagine that you took a digital trip to Good Stuff Tobacco to stock up on all of your favorite loose pipe tobacco. You have a bag of your favorite Gold Pipe or Menthol tobacco and you’re excited to smoke it. However, you go to reach for some papers or a pipe to smoke your high-quality tobacco with, only to realize that you have run out of papers or you don’t have your pipe on you.

One way you can work around this is by making an apple pipe. People have been making apple pipes for as long as people have smoked, and they’re easy to make. Just remove the apple stem, poke a hole (or a few) into the center and around the area that will be your bowl and your carb, poke another hole toward the center that will act as your mouthpiece, and smoke! It’s literally that easy and might add some flavor and moisture you wouldn’t get with a pipe.

If you have nothing to smoke with, use the brief guide above to learn how you can craft pipes and bongs using products you have lying around your home.

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