How Can I Install Serum Banks?

To install Serum Banks on your device, you can simply download Serum Banks and can install it on your device. For that, you need to find the Serum Preset folder and have to open it.

Once you have done this, now just paste the bank into a preset folder then just start scanning the folders in Disk. 

If you want to be a Greek then you need to install Serum banks on your device. If you don’t know how to install Serum Banks then don’t worry, we will help you by providing a step-by-step guide.

Some people also face the issue of the Serum Presets Folder not being found and it arises due to many reasons when the folder might have been relocated. The best option will be to reinstall the whole version and restart the DAW. 

After this guide, you can easily install Serum Bank on your own and we have also added the FAQs so that you can get quick answers to your queries.

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Best Steps To Install serum Banks

how to install serum banks

The installation of Serum Banks is an easy process, anyone can do it easily. If you want to know how to Still if you are not aware of the process then just follow the steps that we have given below. 

Download Serum Bank

The first step is to download Serum Bank and for that, you need to download the banks or presets that you want to have on your device. 

The prime thing is that you need to make sure that the file you are downloading is in .zip or .rar format because it needs to be extracted in the next step.

You just need to right-click on the file and tap on the Extra option from the list if you are on Windows. But if you have windows, then simply double-click on the file and it will start the extraction process.

Once you have done this, now you can move to the next step.

Open The Serum Presets Folder

Now in the next step, you need to find the extracted file and then you have to open the Serum Presets Folder. You will find this folder where all of your banks and presets are already present. 

Finding the folder might be tricky but there is nothing to worry about.

If you are using Windows then you can easily find the Serum Presets Folder in the Documents under the VST plugin that you are using. 

But if you are using a Mac then you will find the Serum Presets Folder in the library section. 

Still, if you are facing issues in finding the folder then you can take the help of System Directory, which will help you.

The best option to find this folder is to go to the DAW and tap on the Menu option. Now just tap on the Show Serum Preset Folder and you are ready to proceed further.

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Copy And Paste The Bank Into Presets

how to install serum banks

Now the next step is to copy the Serum Banks into the Presets folder. It is an easy-to-do task.

Users just need to press Ctrl + C to copy the Serum Bank and then Ctrl + V to the Presets folder.

Once you have done this, now you need to follow the last step.

Rescan The Folders On The Disk

The last step you need to perform is to rescan the folders on your disk, you can do it easily.

You just need to go to the Serum Menu and have to tap on the Rescan option. It allows you to access the new presets and banks. 

That’s it, by just following the above step, users can easily install Serum Banks. Now you don’t need to search for other things, just follow the steps and get things done.


how to install serum banks

The installation process of Serum Bank can be done in just a few minutes if followed the process correctly. 

Once you have installed Serum Presets, now you will not only enjoy some new sounds but can also edit and modify them to bring some more variations.

Well, Serum has an intuitive user interface that makes it quite convenient for the users to use this software.

This software also allows you to change the waves of the music from one to another even while it is playing.

Here’s A Protip,

Adding Serum Banks into the Presets Folder can give you a tremendous variety of music that you can use anytime. 

Just make sure that you are downloading the original version of the software or else you may face some uncertainties. 

There are some corrupted versions available on the Internet but you need to download them from their official website for the best results. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How do I add a bank to FL Studio?

Ans. Adding a bank to FL studio and how to install Serum from Splice has the same answer.

  • Users just need to install Serum from the Since desktop and have to navigate to the FL studio. Now just click on ‘Options’ in the header menu and tap on the ‘General’ option.
  • Then just click on ‘Manage Plugins’ and now you can add a plugin search path. Now just add the location where you have installed Serum and hit ‘Start Scan.

Q2. How do I install downloaded serum presets?

Ans. To install downloaded serum presets, just unzip the file using your native program or WinRar. Now just tap on the Menu button and navigate to the Serum Presets Folder by tapping on the ‘Show Serum Presets Folder. 

Then just stay the presets in the folder and start rescanning your folders. That’s it.

Q3. What is a serum bank?

Ans. Serum Bank is a popular Synth that comes with more than 450 presets of different sounds such as Plucked, Bass, FX, Bass, Lead, and many more. Apart from that, there are many wavetables in a Serum Bank.

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