How to Get Permanent Residence in the United States: A Guide

The United States is a place many people dream of. Providing a wide range of cultures and climates, there is something here for everyone, no matter what walk of life you are from.“It’s also a great place to start a family, as you are able to provide many opportunities for your kids.”

Visiting for leisure is one thing but living here permanently is a whole different story. Some processes must be completed to do just that.

Whether you are actively planning to move to the country, or are entertaining the idea, read on to find out how to get permanent residency.

Eligibility for Residing

Understand the eligibility of applying for and receiving permanent residency before doing so. This will make the process run smoothly and minimize the risk of you meeting any obstacles moving forward.

Permits and visas available have specific requirements. Ensure you understand which ones you can apply for and whether you can do anything to apply for others.

Visas, Permits, and Documents

Foreign nationals seeking permanent residence in the United States can apply for either immigrant or non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visas grant permanent residence, whereas non-immigrant visas do not.

Non-immigrant visas include those used for temporary, seasonal workers and businesspeople traveling with the sole purpose of finding office space. Permits granted under this guise are for a set period. The recipient must return to their country of origin when, or before, that timeframe is up.

Immigrant visas provide the recipients with the opportunity to apply for and get a green card. These permits do not run out. Recipients will be free to remain in the United States for as long as they want.

Different Circumstances

There are variations in the ways foreign nationals can get permanent residency. The government has implemented specific programs to protect the status of foreign nationals with unique circumstances.

DACA, also known as The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival Program, was created to enable members, also known as Dreamers to continue living and working in the country. This is not suitable for those recently emigrating. You must have resided in the country before 2012 to apply.

Applicants and recipients protected by this program are given legal work authorization and permanent residence, with minimal risk of being deported.

Use the services of an immigration law firm like Farmer Law to ensure this program still protects you. Professionals like these can also assist you in renewing your status.

How to Apply

Immigration applications must be sent to the appropriate government departments. Ensure you complete the forms correctly and attach relevant supporting information.

Use the services of immigration law experts when applying. They can advise and navigate you through the overall process, for they manage cases like these daily.

Make certain anyone else who might be moving with you also has the relevant documentation before embarking on the journey.

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