How to Find a Business Attorney in Five Steps

Finding a business attorney is one of the trickiest tasks for business owners, no matter what kind of businesses they run and how careful they are. At any point, they might need to seek legal help. Hiring the wrong individual or making a wrong business deal are some unavoidable situations for business owners, irrespective of the size of their business. In these cases, seeking legal help is the best option. One can find highly experienced business lawyers in Plano, who specialize in solving cases related to business disputes.

  • Who is a Business Lawyer?

Almost 20 million civil cases are filed every year in American courts. Most of these cases are related to contract disputes or employment disputes.

A business lawyer or a corporate lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in corporate (business) law. From researching cases, drafting contracts, and managing budgets to solving business disputes, there are many responsibilities of a business lawyer.

However, the process of finding a business attorney is not as tiring as it seems. One can easily find the best business lawyers in town by following the steps below.

  1. Determining the Purpose:

For someone starting a business, choosing a business entity can be tricky. Business attorneys can walk them through the pros and cons of different business entities and help them choose the most suitable one. Secondly, raising venture capital and selling equity are some liabilities, where a business owner needs business lawyers to draft up term sheets and navigate securities laws. There are numerous other reasons for choosing a business attorney, and one should always determine the purposes first.

  1. Through Legal Directories:

Legal directories can help individuals in finding the best business lawyers. Since there are so many options in legal directories, one can compare them based on their proficiencies and find the most suitable business lawyer in town. It is important to see the areas of legal claims a lawyer has experienced so far. If a lawyer has extensive knowledge and experience in most business claims, it means the lawyer has high expertise.

  1. Trough Referral:

Through one’s own personal or professional network, finding a business lawyer is possible. A recommendation from a friend or colleague or a business owner in the same industry is always valuable. Many people get good referrals from business professionals such as accountants they work with.

  1. Setting the Budget:

There are plenty of options while looking for business law firms and lawyers in Plano. Based on their proficiency and experience, the fees and fee structures vary. Also, based on specific cases, the fee structure depends. For instance, some lawyers apply a contingent fee to the cases of litigation. Some lawyers take a portion of the equity in the business in exchange for providing legal help. For businesses that require constant legal help, making a retainer agreement can be beneficial.

Now, it’s crucial to set a budget before giving final words to the lawyer. While appointing a lawyer, it’s always a good idea to get all the details of the fee agreement in writing.

  1. Asking the Right Questions:

Right after getting contacts of a handful of business attorneys is to schedule an appointment with all of them. Most lawyers offer a free-of-cost first consultation where they get to know their potential clients. A consultation is probably the best way to determine if a business lawyer is capable enough to deal with business disputes. During the consultation, one can ask the following questions:

  1.  What is the Lawyer’s Overall Experience Working with Businesses?
  2.  What is the Lawyer’s Experience with this Particular Issue?

3.Will Anyone Else be Working with the Lawyer in this Case?

4. How does the Lawyer Communicate with Clients?

5.What’s the Fee Structure?


One requires a business attorney not only to solve business disputes but also to make correct business deals. If anyone is looking for the best business lawyers in Plano, following the above steps can be helpful. While solving cases, the experienced business lawyers in town provide personal attention to each client. Transparent communication between the lawyer and the client is expected during the course. On scheduling a meeting with a business lawyer, it is beneficial to ask the right questions and solve all queries related to the case and the service.

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