Boost Your WiFi Signal Through The Walls Using This Easy Hack

Is your WiFi signal getting slow in your house because of walls and do you want to know how to boost WiFi signal through walls? Then you have landed exactly there where you need to be!

It can happen that a few gadgets of yours get slower internet speed because of a poor WiFi signal of your router inside the house.

Because of this, you might have to wait for an irritating and endless period of time to load a website, or you might face continuous buffering on YouTube videos.

Webpages of the social sites too could take a longer time to refresh, and you can do nothing but stare at the screen with extreme frustration.

You simply do not understand that why this is happening to you even after subscribing to a superfast internet connection. And probably you do not know how to troubleshoot this problem too!

This happens mostly because the router cannot send WiFi signals through the house walls. The walls prevent the signal to reach your device, and that is the root of all these problems.

So if this is your problem, and if you are searching for how to fix a weak WiFi signal, then after reading this article, you will get a good solution to this annoying problem for sure!

Because here in this article, I am going to share the easy hacks of boosting the WiFi signal through the walls!

How To Boost WiFi Signal Through Walls – How The Router Works

Before going deeper on this topic, you have to know how the router works. And the most important question here is does WiFi go through walls?

How To Boost WiFi Signal Through Walls
How To Boost WiFi Signal Through Walls

Have you ever seen a traffic sergeant working? How he directs the traffic in all directions? That is what a router does. It directs the internet signal to all over your house and makes the data available wirelessly.

But between the data and your devices, there are the walls of your rooms. And walls, especially reinforced concrete thick walls play the role of the culprit in weakening the WiFi signal the most. In other words, the WiFi signal becomes weaker while passing the thick walls.

So if you have thick concrete walls in your room, you most likely are facing the slow-speed internet connection problem on a regular basis.

Strengthen Your WiFi Signal Through Walls

The next part is, how to strengthen the WiFi signal?

Slow internet speed creates many irritating and annoying problems. It hampers all the online works. Slow speed can kill the enjoyment of streaming a 4K movie or can give you a headache while paying money to someone using online apps.

But the question is, how to boost WiFi signal through concrete walls and brick walls? Because you cannot break the walls down of your house, right?

People are so fade up with this annoying issue that they are searching for how to boost WiFi signals through walls in the UK, in the US, and so on.

Stop worrying guys! I am giving you some simple and easy hacks which you can use in boosting the WiFi through concrete walls in your house.

  • Mesh WiFi

Using Mesh WiFi can be a great solution to this particular problem. Mesh WiFi is the combination of the main router and some other small satellites which can boost your internet connection.

  • Router Placement

You have to place the router at a central location so that minimum numbers of walls come through the signal of the router.

You have to calculate the position and how many walls the signal has to pass through, and then choose where to place your router.

  • Router Update

Sometimes signal strength from the router becomes so weak that it cannot pass a wall. So if you are using a router for quite a long time, the best way to strengthen its signal is to update its firmware.

  • External Antenna

Antennas are one of the biggest factors in extending the signal range of a router. So if you add an extra external antenna and change antenna alignments of your router, the signal strength will obviously get a boost for sure.

  • More Powerful Router

If you are not satisfied with the present speed of the signal from your router and you want a boost in it, the best way to get it is by exchanging your present router with a more powerful one.

There are many high-band routers available in the market. Choose one of them and see the result.

The 2.4 GHz Band

Another great way to boost the signal strength of a router is to activate the 2.4 GHz band. I am giving the procedure of activating the 2.4 GHz band here.

First of all, you must have to have a triband, or at least a dual-band router to activate the 2.4 GHz band of the router. If you have one, then just follow the steps stated below.

  • Go to the router’s configuration page.
  • Log in by giving the username and password.
  • Go to the configuration tab.
  • Choose the 2.4 GHz network.
  • Click Save Changes.

NOTE: it is not mandatory to disable the 5 GHz network completely to activate the 2.4 GHz network. You can run both and switch between the networks according to your requirement.

Extend Your WiFi Range Through The Walls

What comes next is how to extend the WiFi range through walls.

Extend Your WiFi Range Through The Walls
Extend Your WiFi Range Through The Walls

There are several ways to extend the range of signal of your router through the walls. You can use some of the methods I wrote for boosting the signal through the walls too. or you can take any of the methods I mentioned below.

  • Buy WiFi Extender

It is good to invest in some good WiFi extenders. These gadgets are really helpful if you want to have a wider range of signals from your router. These WiFi extenders are reasonable to pocket and easy to install.

  • Powerline Adapters

Though after Mesh WiFi was introduced, Powerline Adapters are slowly fading out, still these gadgets can be a solution to you.

These are one of the cheapest solutions if you want to extend the range of your router. These adapters are so easy to use too. J

just plugs in the adapter and connects it with your router using an Ethernet cable. That is it! If you want to know how to extend the WiFi range without the extender, Powerline Adapters are the answer.

Aluminum Foil – Boost Your WiFi Signal

Did you know that aluminum foils can boost up the WiFi signal? Yes, you can! Let me tell you how to boost the WiFi signal with aluminum foil.

No, this is not a wizard’s thing or black magic. This is pure science. Aluminum foils do help in boosting the WiFi signal of any router. But there is a process of it.

Aluminum foils can boost the WiFi signals because they have shiny sides which can act as reflectors. And WiFi signals are nothing but radio waves, which can be reflected by reflectors.

If you put aluminum foils behind the antennas of the router, then it stops the signal from going all over and redirects it in a certain direction. By this, the whole signal goes towards a certain way, and thus the strength of the signal becomes stronger.

  1. Stick the aluminum foil to the surface of a box.
  2. Put the box behind the antennas. Make sure that the aluminum-coated box covers the whole router and its antennas.

That’s it!

Improve The WiFi Signal Upstairs

Improve the WiFi Signal Upstairs
Improve the WiFi Signal Upstairs

Next is, how to improve the WiFi signal upstairs.

If your router is placed on the ground floor, and you are not getting the desired speed upstairs, then you can do any of the following.

  • Reboot Router

Sometimes rebooting the router works in this type of scenario.

  • Check WiFi performance

Troubleshoot by checking the WiFi network using a device connected by an Ethernet cable. Sometimes WiFi networks themselves can cause these types of problems.

  • Check WiFi Signal Strength
  • Open your phone Settings.
  • Tap on Wireless Network.
  • Tap Status.
  • Check the Network Status. See how many bars are green. It will show the signal strength of the router. If the signal strength is low, then apply the methods to boost up the signal.

Get Better WiFi Signal From Neighbors

Well, this is a funny thing. If you are searching how to get a better WiFi signal from neighbors, then your neighbors of yours must be kind enough to let you use their WiFi, or they are so technically noob that they did not put a password on their WiFi. Whatever the reason is, it is good for you!

The main problem of using the neighbor’s WiFi is the poor signal strength. To overcome this, you can –

  • Install updated adapter drivers on the device you are using.
  • Get a good WiFi adapter.
  • Choose between the 5 GHz or the 2.4 GHz band, in this case, which one is best for you to grab the signal.
  • Try to clear all the obstructions between your house and the house of the neighbors.
  • Buy and install a WiFi extender.

But remember, all these tricks will work until your neighbor gets to know about you that you are using their WiFi and put a password for using the same.

Frequently Asked Question

How Can I Make My Wifi Signal Stronger In Every Room?

You can put the router in such a place from where it can give the best signal with maximum strength, or you can install an external antenna to your router, or you can upgrade to a router with higher capability, or you can install a WiFi extender.

Does Aluminum Foil Really Boost WiFi?

Yes. Aluminum foils have shiny sides, thus they can reflect the WiFi signals, which are actually radio waves. They can prohibit the signal from going all over and can redirect all the signals to a certain direction by reflecting them.


I hope I have successfully cleared all the queries of yours related to poor WiFi signals and how to boost them. I hope you will be able to boost up your router’s WiFi signal now on your own. All the best!

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